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  1. Tk October 23, 09:07

    Dear friends and friends of Ethiopia
    Our country is on the edge of civil war unless and otherwise we the concerned people put our maximum effort to avert this catastrophic situation that we are going to face anytime or any day in the near future  .  Let us try to unite our people in regardless of political party affiliation , ethnic sentiments , religion  etc .  Let all of us talk about reconciliation and bring some sort of mechanism that  help us come together and solve our differences .  We don’t have to leave the problem for a certain group of people or party or civic organizations bring remedy for our naturally wealthy and beautiful country .  The only solution  for our problem is reconciliation . Both sides have to refrain from their rigid stand which   benefit no one . Reconciliation is a master key in building reliable  peace and avoiding conflict . Coming to the round table and try to solve the current situation will serve as a bridge for relationship among people , antagonistic groups  civil society and  the government . It is clear that the process is very sensitive  and everybody has to do his best approach to the nature of our country’s  conflict . Let we all preach about the methods of reconciliation and exercise the Geda system , healing  etc . The role of Ethiopian academicians , the international community and the diaspora is very crucial . We the concerned people of Ethiopia have to give our spare time ,money and talent for reconciliation process to happen without delay .   Reconciliation is both a goal and a process. There are many key elements to a successful reconciliation such as
    . an inclusive national dialogue 
    .  political will
    . security and freedom to speak and move etc .  Truth is important, particularly to prevent historical facts from being presented one-sidedly or linked to religious or ethnic adversaries. 
    We the people who are aspiring good future for the generation to come will do our best to facilitate the situation and form an ad- hoc committee   . The diasporas , traditional leaders , churches , mosques  and business associations will be the actors that can play a seminal and catalytic role as an asset and need to be positively engaged in the process . The road to reconciliation is so complicated because reconciliation is a contested concept with a wide array of confusing and competing approaches, and it must always be carefully tailored to the given context particularly to our country . When dealing with our so complicated Ethiopian problem it will not be difficult to know where and when to begin . ( to be continued)




  2. etbir November 14, 14:25

    please try to get experts in science and medicine before you publish articles such as your recent “cure for diabetes”. Your journal will loose credibility. You can google and see that prior to 2012 -5 coffee extract and chlorogenic acid reduces glucose. Nothing new invention about this claim. But, none of the pharma picked it and developed it due to diverse reasons

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