25 Ethiopia and Diaspora-Based Opposition & Civic Groups Met in Seattle, Decided to Call a “National Salvation” Congress in Ethiopia in a Month


A representative of the Ethiopia-based Semayawi (Blue) Party, Yeshiwas Assefa, told the Voice of America (VoA) last night that five Ethiopia based and 21 Diaspora-based political opposition & civic groups that met in Seattle, USA over the weekend under the banner of “Tibeber” (Cooperation) decided to call a “National Salvation Congress”  in Ethiopia within a month.

All Ethiopian opposition and government parties are called to the Salvation meeting. Yeshiwas said the congress will be inviting all forces including the recently released honest opposition politicians and forces to discuss on a National Salvation of saving Ethiopia from impending destruction and then finally work towards a transition phase or government.

He said the transition discussion and phase should be “non-discriminatory.”

The meeting was organised by US based Ethiopian civic association.



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