6 police officers shot in Gondar, Ethiopia

ESAT (October 27, 2015)

Three police officers were shot dead, and three more were critically wounded in fire exchange between a patriotic Ginbot 7 member and federal police officers in Gondar.Gondar

The Patriotic Ginbot 7 member named Amsalu Teshome was arrested before on charges of his connection with Patriotic Ginbot 7 and recruiting members for Patriotic Ginbot 7 in Gonder area and sending these recruits to training centers in Eritrea.

Later, Amsalu was released, but the policemen came back to arrest him on October 23, 2015. Ambasslu was asked to surrender, but he refused and shot 6 police officers. During the exchange of fire, three police officers were shot dead and three more were seriously wounded. The latter were reportedly in critical condition.

Amsalu allegedly warned the police officers not to encroach him or else he would shoot them. The police offers were unwilling to pull back, and Amsalu resorted to shoot them, the report indicated.

When he knew a bullet was left, Amsalu committed suicide.
Authorities were not willing to handover his body to his families. Later, due to the pressure from the local people, his relatives were allowed bury him, the report obtained indicated.

In a related news, Sergent Welelaw Wasihon along with his squad was killed in Metema town, Gondar.

In Tikel Dingay, Sanja Wereda, Gonder, security officers have been harassing the residents for allegedly supporting Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 forces operating in the area. Several people were reportedly arrested.

Tension continues as the federal police threaten the local inhabitants. Human rights atrocities in Gondar and other parts of Ethiopia are grossly committed as the ruling TPLF tries to silence the armed and opposition groups.


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