A massive rally called by fearless campaigner: Eskinder Nega

October 04, 2019
By: Ewnetu Sime

As we all know, Eskinder Nega is one of the most prominent Ethiopians and advocate of Social Justice. Eskinder has been at the forefront of political activism over the past 27 years. He was jailed by ethino-centric EPDRF regime for being a champion of human rights and a voice for voiceless for fellow all Ethiopians regardless of ethnicity, religion etc. Eskinder received many awards from respected international institutions for his tireless and selfless work. He strongly criticized the current EPDRF leaders who dressed up with full of sweet talk but has not shown tangible solution for ongoing problems in Ethiopia political conflicts. In fact, the Oromo extremists group and their foreign sponsors appears to be running the country to even more problems. The current regime has shown extreme patience as extremist take the streets , publicly spread hatred messages, and political bandits robbed several Banks in broad day light. Millions of people has been displaced and killed throughout the country by their hateful propaganda.

A massive rally called by fearless campaigner: Eskinder Nega 1Concerned Ethiopians wrote letters to current Prime Minster and issued Press release with several recommendations to help address the political crisis that is threatening the very existence of Ethiopia. The response so far is unsatisfactory. By account of most people , the government occupied itself by none priority tasks. In the meanwhile, the extremists and their foreign sponsors are busy in encouraging ethnic disputes which might escalate to civil war and possible genocide as seen in Rwanda.

Eskinder and his thousands of followers are organized under civic organization called Balderas Council to stop extremists actions in peaceful manner. His organization is none-ethnic. Eskinder has demonstrated dedication, bravery and ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice for sake of protecting human rights for Ethiopians.
Ethiopia current prime minister has been preaching for a year to correct misrule of the past TPLF’S dictatorship and to establish democratic governance. The preaching ended up to be empty. Sadly, he has not put the interest of Ethiopia ahead of his own OPDO party and millions get internally displaced and knocked down to live in abject poverty. Like many, I am angry with his sweet rhetoric as his security agents and police force arrested peaceful opponents. The Oromo extremist groups are attempting to replicate the past 27-years of TPLF’s rule marred with corruption, human right violations and ethnic discrimination.
It is time for all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to stand behind Eskinder’s organization. Addis Ababa faces the greatest danger in its history by the extremists group. Addis Ababa is a cosmopolitan multinational and multicultural city. It is time who care for our beloved mother land to support the grassroots resistance led by Balderas Council from pushing the country into going deep civil strife . We shall be part of the upcoming pro -democracy protest on October 2, 2012 Ethiopian calendar organized by Balderas Council.
Ethiopia will prevail! The powerful would be vanquished!


  1. My best advice is for these two groups to calm down and work together to sort out any issues raised by both. The time now is not like no other. It may have similarities to one other time from the past in the mid 1970’s but this one looks like the last gasp(chance) before unprecedented mayhem. I wish both sides harness their so heated emotions but rather set their eyes on the prize which is to work together hand in hand to lead the country to a system where the rights of the individual are protected by the law and no one is allowed to be above the law.

    Now I am going to say something I never said out loud in the past but which has been in my thought for quite some time. This has to do with creating a country with more than one official language based on the size of its natives plus non natives who speak it. What I would like to see is possibly four or five official languages.

    1) Amharic,
    2) Oromifaa
    3) Somali
    4) Afar
    5) Arabic.
    English should maintain its current status in schools.

    These five languages have speakers outside the country. For example, Somali language is spoken in Somalia(Somaliland and Puntland included), Djibouti and Kenya. Afar is spoken in Djibouti and Eritrea. Arabic is also widely spoken in Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti and Eritrea(Throughout the Middle East off course). I had the privilege and honor of spending my formative years with the noble peoples of Somali and Afars. I can manage basic communication in them. I may not that proficient in it but I can hold myself in Amharic also. Let me put it this way. I won’t go hungry and homeless if you let me loose in any of these regions. What needs to be done is to organize linguistic and education experts and come up with a curriculum that makes learning and mastering these glorious languages a breeze. These are all beautiful languages. Let’s start with teaching the children at an early age these languages and I am quite sure very majority of them will grow up to be proficient in speaking them the rest of their lives. It will help minimize and even eradicate any misunderstanding that has been lingering among them.

    The other conclusion I came up with lately is avoiding someone from the three ethnic groups as the next prime minister. We have seen it all. The individual can be the most qualified for the job. But coming from Tigray, Amhara and Oromo ethnic background does not allow him/her to be independent at all times. There will be a boatload of baggage that follows him/her all the way to his office. He will not be left alone. These three, as we can see it all now, have destructive bigots running amok in their regions that when they see someone they think is one of them, will throw every possible distracting stone at him/her. I would like to see an Afar or a Somali as the next prime minister. These two are the only ones that can do their work without being called a neftegna or ethnic extremist. These two have very capable and well qualified politicians among them. And they have shown their commitment to live in a union with the rest of 80 plus ethnic groups for the last century.

    Again this is my personal thought which I have been sharing with my close friends who hail from various ethnic groups for quite some time now. You can agree or disagree with it. But I ask you all to remain civil just as our legendary custom in telling me your different ideas.

  2. This protest is not about justice. It is only about the justification of the operation, exploitation and cultural genocide on the Oromo, Somali, Afar, Sidama and other oppressed peoples of Ethiopia during the Neftegna era. All the Amahara organizations ADP, EZEMA, ABN and Balderas have the same objective. They want to impose the domination of the Amahara culture and language again on the other peoples. Beside that they want to scramble for Oromia. But it is futile.

    Ethiopia cannot go back to the old era. Nobody can impose it’s hagemoy more in Oromia. The integrity of Oromia including Finfinnee will be untouchable. The Oromo nation has been fighting injustice and subjugation in it’s homeland, Oromia in order to regain it’s human dignity as one of the great nations of East Africa.You can keep crying and insulting. But it will not bring back the inhuman eras of the rotten and eradicated systems. They have gone for good and will not came back again.

    The  persistent stubbornness of the Amahara ultranationalists will help even more as a fuel in strengthening and speeding up the de-Amaharaization of the whole Ethiopian politics in order to substitute it with the politics of a true multinationalism. Watch out! We will have at least the following additional federal languages soon: afaan Oromoo, afaan Sidamaa , afaan Somalee,  afaan Afar and Tigrenga.


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