A Methodological Experiment on Crop Residue Cover Measurement in Ethiopia


eth-781. Introduction In many parts of the world, soil degradation threatens the productive capacity of farmland while demographic pressure limits the potential to farm new lands. In order to achieve increases in agricultural productivity, a better and more sustainable use of land is advocated (“sustainable intensification”) by proponents of conservation agriculture. Thus, conservation agriculture has received considerable attention among scholars and policy makers (Kassam et al., 2009; Erenstein, 2010; Thierfelder & Wall, 2012; Tesfaye et al., 2015). The CGIAR – a global partnership on international agriculture research – has invested significantly in conservation agriculture research over the last decades (Renkow & Byerlee, 2010) and a growing number of development organizations including AGRA, CIRAD, DfID, FAO, GIZ, USAID and World Vision have been promoting conservation agriculture, with recent efforts focusing on smallholder farming systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia (Stevenson et al., 2014)    .   …Read More —–





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