Aba Dula Gemeda is spotted today in Mennosota on his way to Seattle

Aba Dula Gemeda at the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport – January 29, 2015

After beating the hell out of Andinet party leaders and members and then banning the party, one of the big dumb and mercenary hodams the fascist TPLF is using, (Aba Dula Gemeda) is on his way to Seattle. They beat elder women and children spilling their blood with a brutal attack. And now they want to come to Seattle saying, ” What are you going to do about it?”

It is reported that he will be in Seattle on Sunday February 1, 2015 in Seattle. This mercenary will conduct his meeting at the Double Tree Hotel at SeaTac Airport area starting at 12:00PM. The address of the hotel is 18740 International Boulevard at Seattle Airport.

Seattle patriots and the community are urged to come out as usual on this day in big numbers and confront this pig and his associates. Tell family and friends not to miss this one. TPLF and its dogs are lately feeling comfortable coming to Seattle as they wish without no resistance. This has got to stop. Many are in prison including Andargachew Tsege. Come and take part in this protest and confrontation at least for the sake of Andargachew if not for anyone else.

ሰላም ለሁላችሁም,

ከእንስሳ የማይሻሉና ማሰብ ከተሳናቸው ሆዳም የወያኔ አሽከሮች አንዱ አባ ዱላ ገመዳ እንደሆነ ለቡዙዎቻችን ግልጽ ነው:: የአንደነትን መሪዎችንንና አባሎቹን እንዲሁም አዛውንት ወንዶችንንና እርጉዝ ሴቶችን በፍጹም አረመኔያዊ ሁኔታ ከአስጨፈጨፈ በኋላ አባ ዱላ ገመዳና አሽከሮቹ ምን እንዳትሆኑ ነው በሚል እብሪት ወደ ሲያትል ለመምጣት እየተዘጋጁ ነው:: 

እሁድ February 1, 2015 12:00PM SeaTac Double Tree Hotel የሚመጣውን  አባ ዱላ ገመዳ የሚባለውን  የወያኔ  አሽከርና ቅጥር ነፍሰ ገዳይ ከሲያትል ለማባረር ተባበሩን:: የሆቴሉ አድራሻ 18740 International Boulevard, Seattle

ስለሆነም አገር ወዳድ የሆናችሁ ኢትዮጵያውያን ሁሉ ተገኝታችሁ እነዚህን የፋሺስት ወንበዴዎች እንደተለመደው እንድታርበደብዱና ከከተማችን የማባረር ቆራጥ ርምጃ ላይ እንድትተባበሩን እንጠይቃለን::

አገር ወዳድ ኢትዮጵያውያን በሲያትል!! 

Kirk Bekele



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