Abiy Ahmed: an embarrassing choice for the peace prize

By Mesfin Arega

By deciding to award this year’s Noble Peace Prize to the Ethiopian dictator Abiy Ahmed, the awarding committee has made one of its most if not its most embarrassing decisions in its entire history, more so than the decision not to award the prize to Mahatma Gandhi.  Abiy Ahmed will no doubt turn out to be a worse choice for the prize than the now disgraced 1991 winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

Besides overseeing the largest internal displacement in recent memory (larger than even Syria’s), Abiy Ahmed is one of the main architects of the looming ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia, in comparison to which the Rwandan genocide would pale.   The question is not if but when will this horrendous ethnic cleansing start in earnest.

Even though the rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea began more than two years ago, not only was no peace agreement signed, but is also not in sight.  On the contrary, since the initial rapprochement, the two sides seem to get more estranged by the day.

Hence, Abiy Ahmed could not have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “peace” between Ethiopia and Eritrea.  Nor could he have been awarded for starting a “peace process” between Ethiopia and Eritrea.  Were this the case, the main player in the “peace process” (President Isayas Afeworki) would not have been left out.   Thus, this fishy peace award is a mockery of peace, and, therefore, the awarding committee should rescind it for its own sake.  In any case, the award is inconsequential for both Ethiopians and Eritreans.

Mesfin Arega – mesfin.arega@gmail.com


  1. I thought you are more embarrassing to talk about Ethiopia and not rejoice the recognition the country got from the world community. The recognition is not endorsing the challenges you and your ilk are causing! Just so you remember Dr. Abiy was addressed as Prime Minister of ETHIOPIA!

  2. Mr.Mesfin, you call Abiye a dictator, I would like to know who would be your choice then , you won’t find anyone to replace Dr.Abiye right now. He is the only hope and the last chance we have unless You bring Jesus to Ethiopia to lead us out of these mess created by your kind of men but Abiye will take us through, yes he will. You won’t or you can’t share our happiness of the Nobel prize with us is a curse. Wait until Jesus comes to Ethiopia but I am sure you will be writing the same garbage about him too.

  3. Well said Mesfin!!! This peace award for a person who endlessly talks without action is indeed embarrassing and a mockery of peace.
    Abiy is only a change of personality from Woyane. He never changed TPLF’s policy of repression and one ethnic domination. He never allowed freedom of speech, protest and multi Ethiopian representation in the administration. Only Oromos are picked and filled in key government positions.
    Awarding peace prize for a man who looks the other way when churches are burned down with innocent worshipers and priests, ethnic cleansing on Amharas and their leaders, and massive displacement of people worse than the war torn Syria is more than embarrassing for those who picked Abiy for the prize. Noble prize has lost its purpose!!!


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