Abiy has made peace with the devil himself

By wondemagne ejigu

The Norwegian Nobel Committee have announced that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019. The motive is that he has concluded an historic peace agreement with neighbouring country Eritrea. In fact, Abiy is fully in line with Eritrean President Isayas Afwerki. They have a plan together and it is not rosy. The peacemaker Abiy has made peace with the devil himself on the Horn of Africa.

The Eritrean state was founded in 1993 after over 30 years of civil war against the sitting government in Addis Ababa. Isayas Afwerki became part of the guerrilla in the late 60´s. He founded the EPLF which came to smash the previously dominant guerrilla ELF. He sought total control over guerrilla operations and therefor he had to get rid of the ELF guerrilla to achieve this goal. In the background, Afwerki had good contacts with the Ethiopian regime, all the way back to Haile Selassie’s time in power. Afwerki’s idea was to work to destabilize the forces that could really establish a strong and free Eritrea. His goal was not to do any good to the Eritreans in accordance with the original endeavours of liberty. He wanted to reunite Ethiopia and Eritrea where he himself would be a leader. He knew then that it was necessary to quell the guerrilla operations from the inside.

The cruelty of his efforts is hard to take in. Only the consummate psychopath can systematically and purposefully betray his own country and plague his own population. Thoughts on Stalin’s methods are close at hand. He is the only person to hold the presidential post in Eritrea since 1993. He has fought against former Ethiopian leaders, leading to the death of at least 100,000 soldiers. The war has been staged with the pretext of saving the country, but it has really been about that former Ethiopian leaders did not follow Afwerki in his world of ideas. With Abiy Ahmed, he has found an ally with whom it was possible to make peace with, and in a long term fulfil the disastrous plan to dissolve his own country.

Abiy took office in 2018. During his short tenure, the country has approached complete disintegration. The autonomy of the regions is threatened by the ongoing centralist politics and dissatisfaction has reached the boiling point. The media man Jawar Mohamed is a leader of an originally popular protests on the part of the Oromo people. Oromo is the largest province in terms of population in the country. These protests have evolved against increasing extremism and violence. Clashes with government forces led to at least 67 deaths this week, most of which were activists. Serious acts of violence occur from both sides. Originally, Jawar and Abiy were allies and Jawar helped Abiy to power. Now they stand on each side and fight each other. Clearly, ethnonationalist trends exist in Jawar’s politics. This challenges Abiy, who is also from the Oromo people. Abiy wants continued control over the Oromo province and its population without interference from aggressive jumper Jawar Mohamed. But Abiy’s plan is to cater to the interests of both large groups of people, the other being Amhara. A kind of triangulation game with the goal of putting as much power as possible in his own office.

An important symbolic act was to raise a statue of the fallen Emperor Haile Selassie in Addis Ababa. Selassie’s totalitarian rule is the basis of the popular dissatisfaction that has led to today’s autonomy in the regions and a formally free Eritrea. Now the pendulum has started to swing back. In addition, he acts as a political entity with Afwerki, which is more than ominous. Eritrea’s status as an independent state is urgently threatened in the devastated country. The goal is a reunification of the two countries, which in practice means that the Eritrean people will fall into submission.

Abiy is a small tile in a big game where the US and Saudi Arabia play important roles in strengthening control over the Horn of Africa. The idea of the noble peacemaker who introduced social reforms is an advanced game for the gallery that has duped an entire world. Swedish media has swallowed the bait fully. No one has made an effort to bring to light the dark truth of this power play. It is a too nice story to be revealed simply.

Nevertheless, this Abiy has now been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It is time to realize that the price has now been devalued to zero and that it should be put down for a period to be able to resurrect after a few years, with a new transparent Nobel Committee with integrity.

Lars-Eric Gustafson

Operation Enough


  1. Meles Zenawi raised / trained Abiy Ahmed team Lemma.

    Mengistu Hailemariam trained many, including the highly trained ranking air Force pilots which Meles Zenawi depended upon during the fight against Ethio-Eritrean Badme war.

    Hailesselasie trained Mengistu Hailemariam and Isayas Afeworki…


    Liyu Hayl that were trained by Asaminew doesn’t mean a thing as long as they did their jobs of protecting Amara, which they proven to do so .

    Abiy Ahmed sent troops to Ataye , Debre Berhan and Kemise areas to fight Liyu Hayl so the Civilians getting massacqred don’t get help ,if Liyu Hayl tried to save the innocent civilians that were being massacred Abiys troops were ready to attack them while the massacre in the civilians were being carried out. The proof of Abiy ordering not to save the civilians was in the hands of Saere which then reached Asaminew and Ambachew so Abiy shut them up all..then this prosecutor using the old habits is accusing the victim Asaminew as the criminal making itore obvious that he is not reformed he is sticking to his old cunning evil ways of prosecution he learnt from Getachew Assefa ..

    This Berhanu Tsegaye the ODP backed Prosecutor who previously was trained by Getachew Assefa how to lie now Abiy right hand man is definitely trying to cover up the messy crimes of Abiy with more scandal defaming Asaminew. .


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