Abiy Meets Andy: Ethiopian Primer Dr. Abiy Ahmed Shakes Hand with Andargachew Tsige

Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed was photographed shaking hands with Andragachew (Andy) Tsige, who has been labelled a “terrorist” and was in incommunicado for the past four years after being abducted from Sanna, Yemen airport while transiting. Andy was just freed yesterday from jail.

He reportedly also had a meeting with Andy at the national palace today. The details of the meeting have not been revealed.

Fitsum Arega@fitsumaregaa

Andargachew Tsgie met HE PM Dr Abiy Ahmed today to express his gratitude for the government’s decision to grant him pardon.

Yonatan T Regassa@regassa_t

There you have it
PM Dr Abiy Ahmed with Andargachew Tsege at the prime minister’s office – no details disclosed about their discussion, however Andargachew said “It’s hopeful”

This handshake photo is historic in that two people leading two extremely polarized parties, Andy’s Ginbot 7 being the fugitive opposition that had taken the brunt of Abiy’s repressive regime abuses and oppression. It is symbolic as well as significant in that it will have a huge impact in the politics, reconciliation and transformation of Ethiopia.

Source- De Birhaner



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