Abiy Threatens TPLF

Eritrean Press

18 Dec 2019 – (EP) Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (pictured) said it may cut flights to Mekele down to one or suspend federal subsidies and other public services to Tigray, claims the respected local media Addis Fortune.

During a meeting Abiy Ahmed had with Tigray native businesspeople who are serving as go-betweens with the TPLFites, he suggested that he could hand universities in Tigray over to the regional state, thus cutting federal resources, the local media said.

After Abiy became PM, he has been dealing with a multitude of problems he has inherited from the TPLF regime and new obstacles that emerged after he assumed power.

Disgruntled TPLF criminals and their vassals have been trying hard to undermine the current World Peace Laureate and thwart his ongoing reform process.

From their hideouts in Tigray, the TPLF ruffians have tried everything to destabilize the country.


1 thought on “Abiy Threatens TPLF

  1. Abiy should be careful not to penalize the Tigrean People because of TPLF.
    TPLF has committed unparalleled crimes and treason in the history of Ethiopia beyond any doubt. And it is still busy destabilizing the country from within.
    I wonder why the Federal government or at least the Kilil governments of oppressed and humiliated peoples like Amhara do not sue TPLF as criminal ,treasonous,and terrorist organization .

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