Abyi Ahmed Must Choose !!!!! Tedla Asfaw

The secretley taped audio of Abyi Ahmed meeting  with the displaced people of Gedeo  is a verdict on the Abyi nine month administration.
 More than 800 thousands people from Gedeo Zone of Oromo Kilil were chased  by the coordinated attack of the Oromo Administration when it  took over from TPLF nine month ago.
Abyi heard from a brave woman directly yesterday. The Oromo government miliitias cry, this is our time and this is our government chasing, killing and raping  the Gedeo people.
Abyi was forced to visit the displaced after pictures of starving children and women were posted on social medias.
The Oromo region which is run by Abyi Oromo Party tried to hide this truth from public for nine months. DW Amharic, ESAT, VOA Amharic  covered the suffering of the Gedeo people on their programs. That is the reason Abyi was forced to visit the camps.
Abyi came to power as an Ethiopian but failed to the trap of the OLF. He failed to take action on his party who is behind the ethnic cleansing in the so called Oromo Kilil. His argument is that this is very common happens throughout Ethiopia.
In fact ethnic cleansing is underway in the outskirts of Addis Ababa under Abyi Oromo Party which is led by Lemma who is sleeping in bed with the likes of Jawar Mohammed a known anti Ethiopia extremist who is famously known for his cry, Ethiopia out of Oromia. He is now legally spreading his propaganda in Addis Ababa.
Jawar Mohammed and his Oromo Media Network 24/7 is agitating the Oromo youth/Qaerro to take over Addis Ababa. The Addis Ababa youth is mistreated by the Oromo security forces to shut their mouth for final Oromo take over of Addis Ababa as their future capital of Oromo Republic. Abyi is facilitating this project indirectly.
The Oromo Tribal Party is a danger for Ethiopia. Abyi is accountable  for these crimes by not mobilizing the Ethiopian army to protect citizens throughout Ethiopia.
OLF is now controlling Abyi and Lemma. The only big battle that will foil their attempt to Oromize Ethiopia is the strong people of Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa is Ethiopia and Ethiopians will win !!!!!
It is very sad to see a man whom we welcomed in the diaspora  in the summer of 2018 as future leader of Ethiopia ended as a spokesperson/enabler of OLF and a continuation of TPLF Tribal politics of the last 27 years.
Abyi has one last chance to be the Abyi the majority of Ethiopians saw nine month ago. A man who believes in one Ethiopia as a country of more than 80 languages and cultures.
There is no one tribe in Ethiopia that will win a majority to govern Ethiopia. Abyi has time to distance himself from Oromo extremists and get the majority vote and be the first elected prime minister of Ethiopia.
Tedla Asfaw
New York

6 thoughts on “Abyi Ahmed Must Choose !!!!! Tedla Asfaw

  1. The ultra  nationalists like you are behind the Gedao crises. But now you try to sell yourself as a humanist. Generally, your mind setups are inhuman and very selfish. You have been plundering Oromia with your associates by cooperating with the TPLF on the last 28 years. The ultra nationalists like you were the mastermind of the Finfinne Master plan. You have been evicting the Oromo from Finfinne and its surrounding in the last 140 years continously. But no more business as usual.

    You are crying loudly, because you are afraid of the rebirth of Ethiopia as a brand new democratic multinational republic country. You are dreaming to bring back the era of Menelik, so that you and your associates can scramble for Oromia again. You claim time and again that the existence of Ethiopia will be vanished as country, if the Amharic speakers are not dominantly in frontlines in all sectors. But this a void slogan of the ultra nationalists. The malicious politics of the hatemongers will not work in the new Ethiopia any more. The scramble for Oromia like the Menilik’s era is no more possible. But Eskinder and his associates can keep on their dreaming in the coming millions of years. No more business as usual.

     Let me make it clear: The arrogance and stubbornness of the ultra  nationalists will not last long. They can bring out whatever they have in their backward and corrupted stores. This time is not like the era of Menelik, the Hitler of Africa.

    Finfinne is an integral part of Oromia legally and historically. It is a capital  city of  Oromia. But it is a home city for different ethinc groups of Ethiopia equally. It is a seat of the federal republic government of Ethiopia. Besides  that it serves as a capital city of Africa. Those  who called themselves Amahara cannot get special privileges. They will be treated like all other Ethiopians equally. If they don’t want to see the presence of the Oromo people with its language and culture, they can go back to their home region peacefully. The other alternatives will not be tolerated. Period! You will never teach and dictate us what to do in Oromia. 

    The politics of one language, one culture and a single nation cannot be accepted any more in Ethiopia. Don’t forget that such demands have no room in today’s Ethiopian politics. But now temporally you can make noise here and there. That is all what you can do right now.

    De-Amharanisation of the whole Ethiopian politics is indispensable and absolutely necessary in order to reform and reshape Ethiopia as a country of multinational state. The politics of one language, one culture  and a single nation cannot be accepted any more. Also there is no Ethiopian identity as some idiotic individuals try preach us those like the chameleon Ermias Legesse. It is a fake identity and ridiculous.

    Dissociating Ethiopia from the politics of Menilik is indispensable for emancipation of all  the nations and natinalitis in Ethiopia.


  2. Dear Tedla Asfaw,
    You must choose Abiy Ahmed. Not the other was around. He is your best bet.
    Dear Gamadaa,
    Stop reading into the past your own little ethnic agenda.
    “This time is not like the era of Menelik, the Hitler of Africa …”(Hitler of Africa? Come on, man. You seem to have little knowledge of Hitler and Menelik. Don’t you see what hate does to your intellect?)
    “De-Amharanisation of the whole Ethiopian politics is indispensable and absolutely necessary in order to reform and reshape Ethiopia as a country of multinational state …” (Ethiopian politics was NEVER WHOLLY Amhara; perhaps more WHOLLY OROMO!). Get off your ideological horse and walk on your two feet!

  3. Dear Alem,

    Your words are a mixture of naivety and rationality. Here I don’t want to write my arguments concerning my knowledge on the two men who had similar characteristics (Menilik & Hitler). Both of them are history. It was passed. They are mentioned in my writing only for the sake of defending today endeavors and projecting the bright future for all Ethiopians. 

    What matters from your writing is your rational approaches to certain extent. I would like to agree with most of your genuine arguments and recommend you to keep it on. It is a time for all of us to become matured enough, in order to save our country and peoples from self destruction. 

  4. Dear “Gamadaa,”
    You sound like you are about to say a significant thing but end up with empty words. Like “naivety” and “rationality.” Tell us what you mean.

    Ever heard of the Aryan race? Are the Oromoo Jews? Can you come up with ONE example of similarities between Hitler and Menelik?

  5. Ethinic federalism and a fight for cultural survival is being used by few narrow minded elites to do ethnic cleaning by manipulating the mass on ethnic background issues for their own occult power hunger dreams. Yes there was cultural transgresión in past regimes, but that is not justification to commit in propose mass ethnic harassment and grievances between ethnic groups. Also the current ethnic demarcated regions are as arbitrary as it could have been where and when Ethiopian boundary was demarcated before and today. Nothing stands clean if one goes way back in time and all Ethiopians should have the same rights and previlages in every corner of Ethiopian territory. If the narrow minded ethnic nationalist elites really care for the well being of their own ethnic fellows they should start by acknologing that every human being is to be respected in every region no matter his background if one wants the current avkward ethnic based regions are to be maintened. Respecting the right of each individual will prolong the peace and prosperity of the supposedly hosting community. But the ethno elitist are using the right for culture and language to gain in the background land and resources for themselves. And that is wrong and even is wrong to do this grab for one ethnic group at expense of other ethnic group and specially sending innocent youth that tomorrow will be asked for the attrocity committed they may be asked for. The ethnic region system is very wrong as delivered as defacto is saying two human beings are different and has different privileges by belonging to one ethnic group or other depending to which ethnic group the belong to. Moreover for some ethnic groups without any region associated with them they would Iive for generations in perpetual fear of being displaced. Internal displacement is product of this non sense system. And always the target of ethnic hate campaigns are the poor and weak that is wandering in every region to make ends meet and raise it’s family. While the ethnic elite celebrates in hotels and abroad using as tool mobilized inocent youth and advance their ulterior political and economic power hunger from a distance. One thing is clear no war is good for no one and when that starts not artificial regions will survive and a lot of life will be shattered and every one will be affected and outnumbering in population is not a protection against the devastation of war. My two cents is yes enshrine the cultural and language protection laws but separate those laws from human justice and equality on regards to both rights perspective and from land and resource ownership perspective. The whole ethinic based region approach defeats and contradicts from the begining basic individual rights enshrined in the Constitution. Ethinic federalism should be abolished and the Constitution should be reviewed in benefit of all citizens that live in current Ethiopia not matter what their political inclination is. It should be done not for the elite but to guarantee peace and prosperity for generation to come. And the youth should think deeply on these matters before joining any unintended and manipulated moves as they also will be tomorrow father’s, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers.

    One good solution to solve current Ethiopian issue would be to make afán Oromo language a national language in pair with Amharic like other bilingual countries and abolish the ethnic region system and have a clause that enshrines all land, wealth and resource that is in Ethiopia is to be shared equally across all Ethiopians as birthright like some countries do

  6. Asfwa
    Your kind has been giving orders for more than a century GET OVER IT. The menelik time is well gone and the people of ethiopia will undoubtedly choose a better future, an inclusive future for all. The rule of the so called “solomonic dynasty” is gone and dusted. Their is two choice
    1. Respect and equlity of all ethnicity
    2. Respect all religion

    The dominance of one ethnic group will never be tolerated.


    You are very articulate person keep it up GOD bless. Just a little word of advice from less articulate brother. Tone down on ethnicity issues we have to be better than the last 100 years. We will be a better society if we respect all ethnicity and religion.

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