Addis Ababa and Washington, DC have signed an agreement to renegotiate the sister cities cooperation

November 11, 2019

The agreement was signed by Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, and Takele Uma mayor of Addis Ababa. The two cities have agreed to work together on economic, health, cultural exchange and green development.

Agree to exchange information and participate in joint development activities.

Cooperation has also been included in the agreement on the level of urban administration and business sector associations where local business ideas can grow.

Collaboration on various creative ideas and technological advancements;

The health sector has signed an agreement to work together on health prevention work, starting with health policies that contribute to the growth of the sector.

The agreement is to share and support the cultural values ​​of the residents of the two cities. Exchanges of experience on green projects operating in the two cities, exchanging and supporting ideas on the transportation and construction sector are part of the signing of the renewal of the sister cities agreement between Addis Ababa and Washington, DC.

According to information from the Mayor’s Office, a committee to monitor the implementation of the agreement will be formed on both sides.


  1. Many are saying the late Prime Minister Meles was killed because he started investigating the GERD dam construction sabotage looting corruption that was being done right under his nose by his wife Azeb Mesfin’s team, with many including Debretsion , METEC , Effort , Salini Co. ,Messobo Cement Factory and other individuals that fell under the corruption sabotage spell of Azeb Mesfin at the time, he was investigating them because their scale of corruption sabotaging looting was threatening the GERD dam’s being able to remain in existence after inauguration , ever being able to be built with internationally required quality standard.
    Remember in early 2010 Gilgel Gibe 2 hydropower plant tunnel collapsed days after inauguration on January the 13th 2010 . The Gilgel Gibe 2 dam collapsed after a huge profile inauguration ceremony attended by the late PM Meles Zenawi himself celebrating Gilgel Gibe 2 hydroelectric powerplant’s grand opening on January the 13th , 2010 , only for it to collapse days later.

  2. Please don’t be like the Kinijit Cadres who had made it their hobbies to falsely accuse Ethiopian leaders .

    Remember the late Service Officer, Gregg Wenzel the one who knew more about Ethiopia more than Ethiopians themselves did, he got many just like him who are very sharp clandestine service officers who replaced his post.


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