After TPLF’s  long dark era, a Freedom Sun is to Rise. (by Muluken Gebeyew)

freedom-ethiopia-satenaw-newsFor the  last 25 years, Ethiopia has been  ruled  by people of the darkness, the Thieves and the Demons. The TPLF’s  dark era is getting darker recently as it is soon to end once and for all.
TPLF, the minority anti-democratic elite group is exhausting all its tricks to stifle the Ethiopian people struggle for their freedom. The new generation is resisting it fiercely. The regime’s  final  means to survive long and  to dampen the struggle  is  State of Emergency, which it  declared recently. This is further to intensify its brutal suppression  and engage in  killing spree; but this will rather fasten its death.
There are palpable lies coming out from its propaganda outlets.  There are numerous pseudo promises emerging  out from the regime’s parliament to calm down the heat it is feeling. TPLF is known for  lying and breaking promises.
In 2005 TPLF  begged EU representatives for meditation  with  Kinijit  (CDU ) and  Hibret (UEDF) with a promise anything under the sun is possible. The mediators and the oppositions accepted the offer.   In the next few days, TPLF arrested all the opposition leader of CDU. TPLF presented itself  as wounded Tiger for the next 11 years. It destroyed all press, legitimate opposition parties and non governmental agencies which would contribute in the mass teaching on personal, democratic right and good governance. TPLF used its rubber stamped parliament law to stifle any form of democratic exercise in the country  using its famous Anti-terrorist law/ Proclamations.

This is a lesson the new generation has to take. The phantom promises are just to buy time, then to lead  its brutal regime and darkness. The only guarantee for the  freedom  is to get rid of TPLF.

Ethiopians, TPLF is wounded and it is on death bed gasping for air, it is using emergency oxygen. It is on last oxygen tank.  Even at its bed, it is not willing for peaceful transition and reconciliation. It  is in grandiose and paranoid delusion of  power.  It has no insight of the Ethiopian people sufferings and quest for freedom.

<strong>The Ethiopian people</strong> should continue and intensify the struggle against the TPLF regime. TPLF is on cliff edge. A popular well organised and united push from Ethiopians of different nationalities, faiths, educational status, ability, income, gender and  age  will bring the demise of TPLF.

<strong>The Civil servants:</strong> Rise up, take part in  industrial action and strikes  to fracture TPLF’s spine.

<strong>The Students and Teachers:</strong>  Demand your right and demonstrate for  equal citizenship and opportunity which TPLF denied you  and  gave it for “The special citizen and its supporters”

<strong>The Diplomats</strong>: Give up the TPLF missionaries and join the people. Inform the world the crime  and atrocities of TPLF against Ethiopians.

<strong>The Business people</strong>: Demand for change and fairness in the competition against  TPLF companies which owns more than 70% of nation wealth which  controlled all the playing field.

<strong>The Police: </strong>Rise up against TPLF which  used you as a tool for TPLF to criminalise, arrest and even kill innocent brothers and sisters of your own.

<strong>The Army:</strong> Demand your  role is not to kill your own people but protect Ethiopian territory against invading foreign army. Point your gun against the TPLF generals and senior officers who are “herding” the army for killing against its own people.

<strong>The Religious leaders of all faith</strong>:  Stand up against the TPLF’s disunity, merciless killing, torture and  imprisonment. Stand up for truth!  Stand up for your “lambs”! Denounce the suffering! Stand up  for your God’s given right for your followers.

<strong>The Farmers</strong>: Rise up against TPLF. The TPLF owns all land in Ethiopia. TPLF  sells your land  anytime to highest bidder, to foreigners. On your land, you will be  a slave for the “investor”. Your land is all yours where you labour on and harvest under God’s will. Protect your land from TPLF.

<strong>The Journalists, writers, bloggers, media experts</strong>: Stand up against TPLF which denied your God given rights  to express yourself and the world around.  Stand up  for your people. Stand up for your country which is under  TPLF internal colonization.

<strong>Intellectuals</strong>: Support your fellow citizens in the struggle against TPLF. Provide them the knowhow, the skill, the knowledge, the wisdom to destroy TPLF and build bright future for Ethiopians.

<strong>The Opposition Political parties</strong>: Narrow your differences and  unite against TPLF oppression.   Don’t fragment by TPLF wicked drama. Stand up for your people and country! Guide and direct the oppressed people.

<strong>Ethiopians of all  ethnicity and nationalities</strong>: Rise up  against TPLF as our forefathers done to all invaders!  Mothers are crying, young people are deprived of their future, our country has become land of woes and death.  Rise up against TPLF!

Yes we are in dead dark era of TPLF regime, but the torches launched by the new generation is a beacon to freedom.

After TPLF’s  long dark era, a Freedom Sun is to Rise.



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