The Agenda of Dismemberment of Ethiopia by the Oromo and the Tigrayan Thugs is now reactive! will You Compromise for it?

Getachew Reda

I hope you heard the news from ESAT that the Tigrayan Fascist gangs are said to be raping the Amhara ethnic nuns who are living inside Waldiba monastery (listen to the video above- though, the back ground music unnecessarily added is nuisance to hear the interview clearly). Sad!

Getachew Reda

Do we have any answer so far, to the question ‘where Ethiopia is heading under these Tigrayan fascist thugs?!!!!!!!!??

Hearing this, it is been hard to write anything now. It is shocking news for me. Let me take you slowly to my commentary, since it is shocking news ever heard in our history- even during Grang Ahmed or Italian colonialist era.

Forgive me for not using the Amharic language this time to address my commentary. I wrote this commentary in English to make sure the Oromo youths (who do not read Amharic) understand our arguments that their elites are leading them with fake nationalism to create another round of destruction and civil war in Ethiopia. It is been proven time after time as we speak, the elites will not be affected directly by the conflicts. Because they lived in Europe, USA and in the Arab countries with their families and millions of Oromo youth without sharing the Oromo sufferings in “practice”, but strangely, dampening the flames of ethnic conflict among our people from thousands of Miles away from home is what they are engaged.

So we advice the OLF and TPLF followers (educated or not- all walks of life) need to understand that their organizations are in the business of ethnic cleansing politics by destroying Ethiopia, which they referred it as the land of “Amhara” and “Orthodox Christianity”.

Since 1991, Both OLF and TPLF attacked our flag referring it as “CherQ!” (OLF created its flag—- and TPLF painted a blue color and communist Star in the middle of our flag) intentionally to degrade the flag highly feared by colonialist.

The next was Orthodox Christianity. Amhara labeled as its protectorate. Tefera Waluwa/Sebhat and others speak of it “Orthodox is the cave for the Amhara, so need to be destroyed”.

The next target was the Amhara and all Ethiopian farmers. Nationalizing lands from the hands of the Ethiopian farmers is a well studied plan by TPLF (OLF) to refuse the Amhara from taking over the lands back to their hands again (Meles told the CIA Cohen).

The next step is the final blow, that is “dismantling Ethiopia” (the land of Amahra and Christians) which is now reactive by proclamation.

The recent proclamation of giving away Addis Abeba to the so called Oromo/Oromia/ by the Tigrayans in power is part of what I called it “Agenda 91”. It was a plan agreed to be controlled by OLF, if not by its surrogate OPDO. The OLF elites told us “Slowly, but “surely” we will control Addis”. And Assefa Jaleta and his likes of OLF vowed “once we control Addis (Finfine), we will open an exit corridor for the Amhara”.

Mohammed Hassen hailed as the theoretician of Oromo secession tells us:-

“The Amhara attitude was nourished by the specter of the disintegration of their empire for, without the resources of Oromia, Ethiopia cannot exist as a viable state.”

(Sent to me with other historical documents and private chats referred it as “secret email to Getachew Reda: (from a very close friend of mine a hero and my teacher the late grandeur Aleme Eshete from Rome)

So as you see several evidences above; all these nihilist activities are linked targeting the Amhara.

The Tigray Fascits in power told Ethiopians ‘Addis Abab’belongs to the Oromo

When I heard the news from the Ethno-Fascist media three days ago that the capital city of Ethiopia Addis Abeba to be given to the so called ‘Oromo’ ethnic as their legitimate territory; I was in a state of shock, feeling annoyed, really angry even as I was writing this commentary.

Perhaps you have read my previous commentaries {The Emergence of the Oromo and Tigre hegemony by Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay 1/12/16}
And {The Border Lords of Tigre and Oromo Fascist gangs by Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay (August 17/2016}

As I heard the news, the next day, I visited the Tigrayan ethno-fascist propaganda websites to see their reaction to the proclamation that their masters promulgated. Boy, was I not right! As usual, all of them accepted with no objection or rational analysis at all. Even they glamorized as a democratic step. Chilling! Horrifying! Isn’t it?

Ethnic politics is a herd behavior. TPLF and OLF followers are bound together to accept anything that comes down to them from their herders. Large proportions of this ethnic herd are completely glued to their ethnic doctrine as their religion. They are not willing to examine the mind process injected into them. Therefore, this time particularly the Tigrayan Weyane puppets accepted the giving away of Addis Abeba and other large territories to the so called Oromia/Oromo/ as democratic and legitimate decision; exactly as they accepted the Eritrean independence with no compromised, or hesitation, even when Meles Zenawi’s told them Eritrean question is a ‘colonial question’.

They have no argument, but to accept with ululation. Now, some of their leaders (even ‘SEBHAT NEGA’) who fooled them are saying “it was mistakenly characterized as Colonial Question” and are demanding at least one sea ports should be given back to us as it is our legitimate land and right (Gebru, Tsadkan, T/Hailmanot and others..).

Now, these puppets are accepting the TPLF proclamation as a legitimate action. So we are dealing with human-herds that are completely ignorant and unaware to what is going on in the back ground of their organization.

So, my argument is now with you people that are not the herds of these ethno- groups. I am talking to you all Ethiopians beside these fools who compromise anything that comes to their table. So the question is do you believe there is an ethnic group called ‘Oromo’ who owns the ¾ of the Ethiopian territory, included the capital city of Ethiopia? If yes, let me hear your argument; if you say ‘no’ let me hear it also.

I am not here to please or displease any one. I am here to protect my beloved country, my people from being destroyed by the CIA and its surrogates (OLF/TPLF…) to alert my people to let them know what is coming towards them. I like to argue here with those who can argue with me rationally without any premature motion. So, let me present my argument regarding this issue of Oromo ownership of Addis or other territories if you are going to compromise for it or not.

Therefore, my argument is there is no such ethnic group or name called ‘Oromo’ who owns these vast lands inside Ethiopian territory. To begin with, who are these so called Oromo or Oromia?! I do not care if they want me to call them Oromo, I will call them, but, not taking lands claiming owned by Oromo and naming it Oromia. That is my point.

The territory they claimed and controlled already by the so called Oromo/Oromia belongs to all Ethiopians. Did you hear me? If they claimed they are owners of those territories, then I have a problem with it! Okay?

Let me ask you all my readers; have you ever read or heard such name before 1974 or during the king or kings/Queens, even before or after Axumite kingdom? No, never heard such/name/country/place(Oromo/Oromia). If so, where did it come from? Who created it? We have to ask rationally- Right?!

If these groups want us to believe such ethnic existed with a country/place/ called ‘Oromia’ we need to see it with historical evidence if such name exist in history? But, they can’t. There is none! Because, it is all made up, fabricated name and fabricated territory by the TPLF and OLF Mafiosi group who are all CIA supported elements.

We all know that, CIA and Italian fascists had been doing their dirty jobs behind the curtain- sometimes openly, sometimes covertly for a long time. We knew how CIA involved with Ethio/Eritrea issue and our Orthodox Christian institutions (we will comeback one day how Aba Paulos was called to Ethiopia after TPLF took over, and who was behind , and who is really Aba Paulos?) .

What is CIA? CIA is a secret spy agency in foreign lands to advance the interest of America. To carry its mission, it does secret-political-infiltration,kidnapping, psychological-warfare, through force and secret plots and even murder leaders of countries and dismembering stable countries.

Ethiopia is now a target of CIA and the Arabs. Both penetrated through the corridors of their puppets “TPLF/OLF”. This is not new target. It is a chronic. We have heard from Tesfamichael Gorgio how the CIA launched a secret operation by Copeland in 1969 as he was first hand eye witness in the activity recruiting Isayas Afewerk as CIA puppet. The operation named “Seed Planting Project” was a code name given to the CIA operation. That relation continued all the way to MaTsawa and Afabet operation against the Ethiopian Defense Army.

Remember, The Police spy chief during the king who is an Ethiopian by the name General Iyasu or Danile (correct me if wrong. interview on Tobia or Menlik magazine (2001), the General told us “Paul Henze was our advisor for 27 months (1969-1972) while Isayas who was recruited by us to spy for Ethiopia in the Jungle was plotting with Richard Copeland in Asmara to break Eritrea to dismember Ethiopia”. Said our General Daniel. Those who are not familiar with the name ‘Paul Henze’; he was the TPLF right hand advisor. He is dead; taken by God’s power few years back.

So we know from two credible individuals (The Eritrean ‘Michael Gorgeo’ who got murdered by EPLF&TPLF coordinated plot in Addis Ababa after TPLF got to power) and our own General testifying that CIA is been involved in Ethiopia for a long time as we speak also.

So, the present proclamation to give Addis Abeba to the Oromo as “legitimate owner” of the city is part of the process to dismember Ethiopia to create fragmented countries like Somalia and USSR. All this is happening under our moment of unawaken by the CIA surrogates namely “OLF and TPLF”.

When TPLF allowed OLF to control those vast lands, TPLF already got for itself vast land for its Tigra Tigringi agenda.

{ “Thus aggrandized in the west and south , TPLF’s Tigrai has been blown up from the traditional and official size of 65,000 sq. kms to 102,000 sq. kms “restoring” what the TPLF says was land taken away from Tigrai, on the basis of an entirely unfounded ,..”} Aleme Eshete (as above)

Simultaneously, to progress its agenda of disintegration Ethiopia, TPLF allowed the 350,000 sq. kms or (now even more) of Ethiopian territory practically covering all of southern Ethiopia, carved-out through the force of arms by the TPLF surrogates to constitute CIA’s future “Republic of Oromia”.

We can’t compromise or accept or look at it quietly to this national crime as minor step. This is an open-speedy colonial agenda to rape Ethiopia in a day light! At least we need to speak and leave a record inside the brain of the Ethiopian new generation that they need to confront such national crime and conspiracy by inside and outside enemies. There should be no any political compromise under any circumstances with such crime; not now, not tomorrow, not in the future! No compromise to the dismemberment of Ethiopia.

The proclamation asserted that Addis Abeba belongs to Oromo is historically fake. But when you see the steps that the Tigrayans taking one at time in the last 26 years in its power time, it is a well orchestrated agenda by (CIA behind the plan) leading the final blow by which Ethiopia is intended to be dissolved.

Will you Compromise?

Therefore, will you compromise to this conspiracy? Let us talk. To compromise is to decrease your value, your quality. In this sense, if you compromise Ethiopia under any pressure, you are weakening its dignity, its territory, and pride and history of our people. What it means is, if you give up the nation’s quality that is the end of the story! If you do compromise, it is not the Ethiopia that our ancestors left for us which was sealed and stamped with their blood and bone.

What I saw majority of the Ethiopian elites, particularly the opposition political leaders (most of them) have been lowering the value of the nation like a commodity for sale. In the last 26 years of Tigrayan and Oromo hegemony against Ethiopia sovereignty and dignity; compromising was their word of agenda in the mouth of the opposition. The more the opposition inside or the opposition outside Ethiopia compromise with these thugs; the thugs demanded more and more and more concession.

When we confronted the political leaders, and their followers and their media propagandists to stop compromising; they want to bow for it, because “for of that reason, or for this reason, or for unguaranteed compromise of ‘Give and Take’ negotiation”. By doing so, they discredit their pride; they discredit and dishonor the nation by risking a value in a way it reduces it. Many Ethiopian elites, be it they are in politics or by standards, they all bend or give-in to the pressure.

Ethiopia currently needs not some mediocre politicians who compromise with different sorts of enemies, but leaders and citizens who can resist “pressure”. I have been saying all along do not give in to it! Do not give in to the pressure, don’t compromise. Because, the more you compromise, the more you tolerate. That means you will always allow any harm that comes from enemy as accepted norm. You will start to say things that you never say before, so you can tolerate them. This is exactly what we are hearing in the opposition media like ESAT and other commentators and journalists all over using names of place/cities/towns/universities created by Ethiopia’s enemies. AdamaFinfineHaromayaBiher… on and on…

They claimed “it is okay, no big deal, we are families, we are all Ethiopian, and we can talk or deal about those names when Weyane is gone…”. This how the opposition give-in to the propaganda pressure from the thuggish group and misguided the youngsters to use them for the rest of their life. The reason they tolerate them, is not because of the reason mentioned above; hey tolerate them, because they are afraid to confront them. What you do not realize is every time we tolerate something, we are compromise our value system.

This is how the opposition leaders, journalists, commentators, Internet, TV and radio media tolerate the crime and conspiracy of OLF/TPLF/EPLF/ONLF design in the name of tolerance (MECHACHAL). When the media and such groups use or tolerate the terms/ vocabularies/ names/flags designed by enemies, it demonstrates they are in agreement with it.

Scholars in such field will tell you, that the more you tolerate something, the greater chance of doing it yourself. That is why we see the Ethiopians opposition conferences seen decorated by Ethiopian flag together with the OLF/EPLF/ONLF flags. Strangely also, the audiences do not seem to be bothered by it- because; they are tuned to tolerate such conspiracy by leaders who are willing to give-in to pressure. By doing so, the opposition brought discredit to our flag, to the nation and to the God of Ethiopia who designed our flag.

The God of Ethiopia is calling you all for integrity to the flag and to the nation whom he protected her from various enemies!!!!!!!!! The God of Ethiopia in our religion might teach us to love the sinners, but we do not have to tolerate the sin. No compromise!!

These elites of ours are defusing our concentration, our quality by diluting enemies’ agenda into our business“. My mother used to run a popular Tela Bet business (our traditional beer) that was famous for its “concentration” quality (WEFRAM/GUSH). Many people loved it. They do not need to eat any breakfast/even lunch once they had two or three Menlik/ Wancha/ of it. If she saw the servant adding too much water in to the barrel, she stands up and stops her from adding too much water into it. Her objection is , ‘even though we can make money by adding too much water to the process, we should not do it; even if the process required adding water, once it loses its concentration (strength), the quality that people respect will be gone”. That is what she my mother used to say.

Yes, she is right. When you add water, it does what? It looses its concentration. That is what happens when you compromise; you begin to loose your concentration. By losing your focus/ originality, you become a diluted Ethiopian!!!! You become weaken, you loosen your strength. It is hard to go through a storm when your strength is gone!!!!!! It is hard to fight against the enemy when you are weaken and diluted. It is hard to deal with national crisis when you loose your concentration. All this is because you compromised to the enemy!!!!!!

The weakest groups in the political struggle in our opposition organization regardless they preached you they have a fighting army are those who are willing to compromise “principle” or fight enemy with no policy or principle.. They are defeated groups. Because they give-in their Ethiopian principle due to the pressure from those enemies. Respecting enemies’ flags and their agenda is a defeat!!
We can see where OLF/ONLF and others were few years back and where they are now. Now days,, they are touring with those who claimed Ethiopia groups (unity force)and allowed to brainwash, insult and disrespect Amhara or Ethiopia in-front of Ethiopian audiences. The Ethiopia audiences have now accepted the defeat. They are not in a state of judging what is right or wrong.

This is because; our society is guided by defeated leaders. Our society is lead by chameleons! They adapt and blended to the enemy’s environment with no shame, thinking they are playing politics/tricks. Every time these political Chameleons are around with different groups of nihilists, you will see them transformed into one of them.

They speak the language of the enemy, they speak and exercise the conspiratorial terms framed by the enemies and they too use them. When you heard this with your own ears; to the extent, you will ask to yourself saying “Are these ours? Or theirs?” These are human chameleons. They acted like them, pleased every environment, they please enemies.

Worst of all, our people gather around them in every conference. When you sit too long with enemies eventually, no matter how much you resist, I guaranty you, you too will preach and talk the same thing the enemy talks and do. Dr.Getachew Begashaw (Doctor 0/zero/) is a typical example for this argument. Remember!? He was telling us OLF never demanded or fought for secession.

At the end I like to say this; – When an Ethiopia forms a binding relationship with none Ethiopian believer, it weakens his/her commitment, weakens character and lowers his/her standards. I do not know about you- as far as me, I can’t afford to loose concentration and allow myself to become a diluted Ethiopian. I have been going too much in my life to be weak right now at this point, so I decided, through hell or high water, I WILL NOT COMPROMISE!!!!!! If you call yourself Ethiopian, you are going to have to bring-up yourself where I am. I am not saying, I am better than anybody else, but, I refused to lower myself by compromising my country that my father served, fought and die.

The agenda and the conspiracy of dismemberment of Ethiopia by TPLF & OLF that we patiently observe for the last 26 years are national crime and sin. We don’t hate these sinners, but, we don’t have to tolerate their sin. No compromise, through hell or high water!

Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)


  1. This person’s incoherent and bizarre blabber is more dangerous than what he allegedly is trying to protect. I have read his hard to follow gibberish arguments a few times. More often than not, his arguments are filled with raw emotion and very foul language. He sounds like a self hating character with serious identity crisis. Sometimes he presents himself as a patriot Tigrian, other times as an Amhara nationalist and now as an oromo/tigrai phobia advocate. The youth of current day Ethiopia are way advanced in their thinking and thought processing to fall for such a non-sense analysis. You can’t dismiss 3/4 of the Ethiopian population by disrespectfully insulting and belittling them. You are doing a great disservice to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Your way is a bye-gone era tantrum diplomacy(bullying). Come up with something workable and contribute positively to the process or just hold your peace for ever!

  2. For years, am sure ethiopians have been silencing themselves hoping the ethiopia’s problem will be solved that god will interfere. That is an illusion. God said help yourself, i will help you. Even our inspiration Menilik did not stay home hoping god will interfere, he swore by Mary to go out protect your nation. Every time we panic, we come up with such articles. You dont have to necessarily be in such emotion in today’s day and age. It requires self and collectivism in fact should have happened long time ago to bring about both hard and soft activism towards protecting ethiopia. Everyone was afraid of the main GOD, not talked about. Whether ethiopians are silence or not, such harmful changes have been taking place since the over throw of the emperor. That should have been a clue to strengthen more than ever. No matter, believe me for the liberation fronts, they wil be temporary ceos bit until goal is established for disintegrating ethiopia. Take a look at the global war including ethiopia. That is why falsely it was declared ethiopia is the second populous in Africa after Nigeria. The fools so called educated ethiopians are drumming such propoganda, playing along without understanding the agenda behind of ILLIMINATING Ethiopians to leave fragmented lands. Why were ethiopians, including Oromos did not ask such questions as who created the word Oromos giving them false name identities. Why were Oromos adopt a name called Oromo after 70s which never existed before? This is a matter of ethnicity and identity about who they are it is not as easy as changing a persons name from bekele to tolosa. Are they really benefiting themselves under false identity or benefiting their masters from outside? It is the fault of ethiopians including the Oromos without questioning changing the name! While acknowledging past problems, in fact the stereotype towards Gurages rather worse! People used to call the Gurages, especially from Gonder and Gojam , as “coulies” or “leba”. It is important to change such stereotypes but not necessarily to go burn your own house because you are called that!

  3. 1. Dear ethiomedia,
    Urgent Plea to the PRIME MINISTER of Ethiopia , Hailemariam Desalegn and other Government officials
    MY PEOPLE – I hope and pray that you find ways to communicate this plea to the government of Ethiopia
    One thing as human beings should know, leaders are chosen by our creator sovereign GOD. No one on earth can he or she be a leader if not chosen by God. Idiamin the dictator was chosen by God. But in all that what we should know is there is a reason for why they are there.
    My desperate plea to the government of Ethiopia are the following.
    1. Be wise,wise and wise again before you make a decision that influence 84 ethnic groups in our country ( eg. the Capital Addis Ababa and the beneficiaries. As we know we are all Ethiopians and we should all have equal rights to ADDIS ABABA our capital WITHOUT ANY DECSRIMINATION
    2.Every tribe and ethnic has grievances not only one community . Dergue killed everyone who is against his regim. Specialy the Amharas . I recall when I was so small in harar, saw with my own eyes, bodies after bodies of young people who are against the dergue regime who were killed and dumped in the streets of Harar Unfortunately, someone calls the Amharas Mengistu is their father.
    3. Avoid discrimination at all cost. if you diligently serve the people of Ethiopia and since all communities have oppressed and mistreated, ( in short do not favour one community)
    4. Avoid favouritism, hold onto honesty and integrity and love your country if you want to succeed in all your great plans you have for Ethiopians.
    5. As a leaders do not use emotions and harbour hate and revenge on an innocent community who is not responsible for others mistakes. You are the current leader and you must have a big hurt to accommodate any one since it is your responsibility.
    6. Do not be overwhelmed and make decision in confused state of mind since the consequences will be deadly.
    You came as EPRDF. equality for all not only Oromo.
    7. Look into the new draft bill you came up with before you pass it. As of now it might be a recipe for disaster. i am not questioning your intelligence but remember you initial motto democracy. Democracy for all Ethiopians and also remember no Ethiopian is better than the other. Do not fail for this song of Oromo oppression. Because you know everyone is oppressed.
    8. Do not fear opposition or Criticism since criticism and correction shapes your thought and help you to do the right thing, Remember there is no government without fault in the world they all make mistakes but do not use power to silence. Because when you silence one day things will go out of control ( eg. Gonder case). AVOID USUNG POEWER Because Ethiopians will rise against you. Please
    9. Have a dialogue and discuss issues affecting the people, Remember Ethiopians are your employers and you should listen to their grievances. Maybe as leaders try to imitate Samora Michel, a former Zambian president.
    Remember it is not pleasing to have people’s blood on your hands. the consequence is inevitable because god watches.
    10. be democratic.meaning preach what you practice your Previous motto (Democracy) let it be seen. don not silence anyone because it might reach somewhere you can not be able to control.
    11. Have equitable distribution of resource to all Ethiopian
    12. Do not revenge. Be the wiser one because you are leaders. lead your country in love , dignity and honesty
    13. Avoid partitioning land illigaly since your sin will catch you up soon.
    14,. Dig, dig and dig again into history before you pass any Oromo appeasing bills. Oromo’s migrated to Ethiopia period. They moved into Shewa and killed and chased the Amaras and other tribes then settled. Now they claim Addis Ababa. Honourable prime minster and officials please don not be intimidated because of their uprising and pass our land to these guys when you know it is no true. STAND FOR TRUTH. Because this will bring civil war in our country. Do not be intimated period.
    15, Dear prime Minister, as Ethiopians since time immemorial what we all heard was /is how the Oromo’s are oppressed, mistreated , denied their rights and killed. Even recently they are allowed to have memorial stone (Metasebiya Hawolt) displaying how their women breast has been cut by the Minilik whichi highly doubt
    • Dear prime minister and other cabinet ministers our request to you is on the following,
    ?. To put up a Memeorial stone (Metasebiya hawolt) for the millions of Shewa Amahara;s and other tribes who were killed and chased by the Oromos from their home land .
    ?. To put up another memorial stone for young Ethiopians who mandated to go to the Hararge villages after ESLCE to teach our illiterate people including the Oromos. And finally whom then being behaded by the oromos cruel hands. Unfortunately, hundreds of young people including my friends and family friends lost their lives. Fortunately I was saved since I was near Harar town. After all this we did not request a memorial stone but now time has come so that we put this stone in our capital Addis Ababa to remind them what they did
    ?A Memorial stone for all the Tigrians, Amaharas , Gurage’s who are behaded and killed by the oromis in ( Harar, Deder. Cheleko, Kulubi, Gursum, Bedeno, Alemaya , Fedis and in many parts of Hararge).
    Let the Oromos see their Cruel deeds may be then they will open their eyes
    Finally, hold our country together do not be intimated and give in. remind them about the great Oromo migration since no one denies that


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