Al Jazeera political hit job against PM Abiy of Ethiopia is dumb right gutter

Teshome Debalke

The Arab world version of Free Press where no democracy will ever see daylight, Al Jazeera, the brainchild of the Qatari monarch it is light at the end of a long tunnel blinking on-and-off.

For the vast Middle Eastern population malnourished of information any info is better than being starved to death alive… so goes the story: The ‘good’ King of Qatar Tamim Bin Hamad Al  Thani gift to the Muslim world as long as it doesn’t question his legitimacy in a pay-to-play scheme was Al Jazeera.

The superstar among the many Al Jazeera journalist educated in UK is the Oxford University graduate and host of Up Front Madi Hassen.

In unprecedented breach of journalistic ethics, Madi Hassen paused a question: Is Ethiopia sliding backwards under Abiy Ahmed? In another words, Ethiopia was better off before the PM mister came to the helm of power.

Unfortunately, the question was posed for Lencho Bati, the Former Oromo Liberation Front official most of his adult life in exile that helped institute ethnic apartheid rule in Ethiopia with the ruling member party of the Tigray People Liberation Front before he Cofounded the Oromo Democratic Front few years back and returned home to become Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed’s “close ally and adviser”, according to Madi.

It is not clear why the PM sanctioned Lencho to speak for him nor, why Lencho proclaimed; Ethnic Apartheid Federalism is constitutional order and will stay.

What was fascinating about both Lencho and Madi is their selective amnesia to the source of all the problem of Ethiopia the new PM Minster facing. Therefore, both chose not to mention TPLF for different reasons. Lenco refer his former ally the ruling ethnic Tigray elites that made the mess in Ethiopia as “the previous regime… the former elites that are overthrown”

Understandably, Lencho is a willfully ignorant political opportunists as a proponent of ethnic apartheid in line with TPLF doing the bidding of his Arab and European enablers to disfranchise Ethiopians and Ethiopia as a nation.  Therefore, there is no surprise why he appeared on Al Jazeera to doubletalk for global audience.

But, the question is why Madi Hassen, the supposedly a Free Press journalist failed to mention the Tigray People Liberation Front better yet present a representative to dispute Lencho’s statement?

Madi Hasson question sighting Human Right Watch and Amnesty International accusing the PM for arresting “five Amhara journalists” as evidence says a willfully ignorant journalist of a make-believe Media masquerading as free press admitting journalists identified by ethnic or religious affiliation in like TPLF apartheid is a good thing. Therefore, Mehdi Raza Hassen born to Indian Shia Muslim family must be referred as a Shia or Sunni journalist whatever ethnic affiliation he may be in India by his own definition Or Al Jazeera financed by Sunni King of Qatar should be refers as Sunni Media. If not, why the celebrated Mehdi Raza Hassen employ double standard against PM Abiy and Ethiopia he wouldn’t do to the King of Qatar that pay his salary?

Quite frankly Mahdi program Up Front should be renamed Back Front to reflect the reality of what he does reinforcing ethnic apartheid rule imposed on Ethiopia by TPLF without a mandate but claims; PM Abiy has no mandate  to dissolve the same ethnic apartheid party as if King of Qatar that his own Al Jazeera came in being has a mandate to finance it nor rule for eternity.

It is interesting how willfully ignorant journalist like Madi pull a stunt like ‘mandate’ when it serve their enablers’ interest  but completely burry it when it rattle their enablers. Mehdi’s on-your-face high-pitch to cover up his double standard may work for his gullible audience around the globe but it doesn’t negate the reality; he is paid handsomely to talk about mandate but, selective amnesia not to change the narrative on behalf of the King of Qatar.

He is not alone, Al Jazeera willfully ignorant journalists that invite guest without reviling there background to do political hack job of their enablers is the norm than the exception. The usual suspects BBC, DW, France 24, CGTV, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, AP, RT and the rest do the same exercise on behalf of their respective interest groups in a name of Free Press referred as Parachute or Yellow Journalism. Granted some do it worse than others, the end game is the same.

But, Mahdi’s style is exceptionally successful in its appearance of confronting power to account for the gullible. Unfortunately, in this day in age; style over substance is the winning the day and it shows when he confront a willfully ignorant self-proclaimed Oromo elite Lencho in ethnic apartheid state of Ethiopia he referred as “a close ally and adviser of PM Abiy Ahmed”.

For sure both Lencho and Mahdi have one thing in common. As master puppet of European colonialism; they both agree ethnic or religious apartheid is a good thing only for Ethiopia as implemented by nonother than TPLF warlords they loved to hate.

Mahdi attacked PM Abiy violating the constitutional order without a mandate as if TPLF mandate where Lencho is a part and partial had a mandate. At the meantime, Lencho vocally disagreed claiming ethnic Federalism is not going to change but the PM new party to unite Ethiopia – the same wine in a different bottle.

It is hilarious to see, willfully ignorant elites disagree  on the label of the same wine in different bottle. That, compatriots is the classic definition of ‘intellectual corruption’. How it came about  and why they do not own it is open for debate but, the reality is they are wasting time arguing over a spade in not a spade unfortunately at the expenses of the people of Ethiopia.





  1. I would rather have a free media without a country than country without free media, said a very wise man a long time ago. How true we need that idealism today more than ever in our beloved Ethiopia and global community. So please let’s put all the unnecessary insults and tired jargons on hold for a moment (willfully ignorant, political opportunists, hookers, etc..) and consider the facts that without journalists and free media there is no true democracy. That’s the inescapable fact of a functioning democracy. That means we are always bound to have differences. But what’s more important is how we address our grievances. This fact is clearly understood and supported by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s medemer philosophy and demonstrated daily by the tireless and highly professional independent Ethiopian journalists both at home and overseas. They deserve our utmost respect and admiration. And when you’re inclined to give feedback make it inspiring, respectful and constructive. Give credit where credit is due and suggest good ideas instead of whining and spewing personal emotions. When that happens we can all as a society grow to appreciate each other and learn and grow together. However, that has to be done in sunshine and not in darkness as is the case with the unknown writer of this post. The big journalistic question here and the elephant in the room, which means a major problem or controversial issue that is obviously present but avoided by the incognito personality, Teshome Debalke (who’s identity is deliberately concealed), is what’s his real motivation? Does he have a hidden agenda? Are we been duped? If so how can the the public and us the spectators have confidence? These are legitimate questions to be raised in the context of evaluating the state of the Ethiopian free press. Long Live Ethiopia!

  2. smell a rat. I know a TPLF stooge when I see one. Teshome Debalke, don’t think that’s your name, when are you people going to stop your destructive manners?

  3. A cat may go to a monastery, but she still remains a cat. It’s almost comical if Teshome Debalke (fake name) didn’t take himself so seriously. He is always fastening his belt while running, isn’t he? That ‘s why his pants (arguments) come undone so fast. hahahah. Laughing often is good for the soul. Humor is Ethiopians’ best kept secret weapon for surviving such a farce. A loose tooth will not rest until it is pulled out. Just as an overly modest man could go hungry, a shameless person has no sense of shame at all. May God continue to protect Ethiopia and her brilliant and brave journalists from the evil eye (buda). May he let flourish free press in our blessed land.

  4. History is just the story of a group of elites replacing one another. This is what Pareto called the “circulation of elites”. Shall we try to break the vicious circle of the elites?
    We were led by the “World-class mind” of “Fox elites” and his followers. When they started to decline, and new “Lion elites” took the power. Can we stop the flow of the river where one type of elite replaces another? Shall we find the balance between the Lines and Foxes?
    Shall we put the Pareto theory of society “Collective unit undergoes constant change” in response to structurally generated forces? Or shall we put the “Medemer” philosophy of Abiy of Ethiopia on the table and discuss for the betterment of Ethiopia.
    No need for unnecessary insults and folklore. I wish we shall start debating on ideas. Please don’t forget that Conflict is a necessary evil.


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