An Open Letter about Ethiopia to President Donald Trump, – Mulugeta Wudu

February 7, 2017

To President Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

  • Mike Pompeo – Director of the CIA

Dear President Trump,

Congratulations on your being elected President of the United States of America. Myself, my family and Christians like me whose lives in the past were decimated by forces hostile to Christianity, have been waiting for a long time for God to raise up the right person to help us restore our Christian dignity.

I am an Ethiopian living in the United States of America for the last twenty five years. Ethiopia is the biblical Christian nation whose entire being was dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ for one thousand six hundred fifty years until the year 1974. American Policy especially since the rise of Mr. Henry Kissinger to Secretary of State, has been destroying Christian Ethiopia relentlessly and the nightmare that Christians undergo because of this policy continues to this day unabated.  It is public knowledge in Ethiopia that joint work of espionage between the CIA and the MOSSAD introduced Marxism-Leninism to Ethiopia about fifty years ago for the purpose of shaking its Christian foundation. The frightening philosophical policy of Mr. Henry Kissinger, which holds the need to pursue material gains without regard to morality or compassion, is still upheld today. Many elite in the USA consider Mr. Kissinger, “smart” for throwing out morality from foreign policy and for destroying God-loving nations like Ethiopia. After introducing Marxism-Leninism and after devising the overthrow of Ethiopia’s King of Kings Hailesselassie, the CIA, still together with the MOSSAD, organized in Ethiopia terror groups bearing a common name of “liberation front” and beset Ethiopia with ethnic and regional tempest. The CIA and the MOSSAD soon formed an evil confederation with Egypt and with the Arabs under the umbrella of what they call the “Camp David Agreement.” Then an elaborate work of malice was carried out to dismember Ethiopia and to make it landlocked.  The CIA and the MOSSAD used their “liberation front” agents not just to partition Ethiopia but also to pit its people against one another and to inflict all sorts of horror on especially Christians. When Egypt was gripped by what they called the “Arab Spring Movement,” the MOSSAD was so nervous of losing the “Camp David” deal and in an intelligence briefing on February 1, 2011, titled: “Strategic ramifications of the Egyptian crisis”  a person named Gregory L. Copley,  editor of the Global Information System, threatened Egypt with a prospect of what it will face if it didn’t stay committed to the “Camp David Agreement.” He wrote:

“…unless the Egyptian Government is able to re-form quickly around a strong, regionally-focused model, Egypt will have lost all momentum on securing what it feels is its dominance over Nile water controls. … Such a sudden loss of Egypt’s Nile position will radically affect its long-standing proxy war to keep Ethiopia which controls the headwaters and flow of the Blue Nile, the Nile’s biggest volume input landlocked and strategically impotent. ”

It is clear that poor, weak Ethiopia, is being slaughtered as a sacrificial lamb by the CIA of the United States and by the MOSSAD. The world never saw malice so cruel, so deceptive, so  heartless like the CIA and the MOSSAD did over the decades to a poor little inheritance of the Lord: Christian Ethiopia. Malicious projects were also carried out to depopulate the Christians. Having handpicked and nourished and placed in power a puppet government in Ethiopia, the CIA and the MOSSAD did all the evil they could to a Christian nation and they did so to their hearts content. The Ethiopians, being weak physically and materially, wept and they petitioned the Lord God like Old Testament Israel petitioned the Lord God when under the yoke of oppressive Egypt. The Lord God did pay attention to the wailings of Israel and He will pay attention to the wailings of the Ethiopians who are now under the combined heavy yoke of Egypt and the West. How the USA intervened in Ethiopia to harm Ethiopians was clearly illustrated in the book titled, “Intervening in Africa: Superpower Peacemaking in a Troubled Continent” written by Herman J. Cohen, United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 1989 to 1993. Here is what he stated in Page 9 of the book:


“In Ethiopia, we were able to exercise leverage directly on the regime because  of  their  desire  to  replace  declining  Soviet  interest  and  assistance  with  something  else.  That  “something  else”  turned  out  to  be  a scheme  to  reach  out  to  the  Israelis  for  arms  and  technical  assistance, working through the United States. We were able to take advantage of this scenario to exercise considerable influence on the protagonists.” 

The USA exercised considerable influence to get a Christian nation dismembered and landlocked.  Here is also what Mr. Herman Cohen said in a statement on Huff Post Live on January 23, 2013:

“During the conflict with Ethiopia the one country Eritrea trusted was the United States.  This goes back historically because of everything we did to help them get independence. They think the US betrayed them by favoring with Ethiopia.”

So, here Mr. Herman J. Cohen,  the United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs who oversaw the dismembering of Ethiopia, is openly stating that the target of his intervention in Ethiopia ‘conflict’ was not peace but the dismemberment of Ethiopia and its becoming landlocked. So, you can see, Mr. President, The hand of the United States of America, the yoke, is too heavy on Ethiopians, particularly the Christians. The USA, having dismembered the Christian nation and starved and scattered its Christian community did get a response from the Lord God. For dismembering Christian Ethiopia and for making it landlocked, the Lord retaliated the United States on the day of the Ethiopian New Year by allowing the Arabs (whom the CIA and the MOSSAD entered a covenant with to destroy Christian Ethiopia) to assail the USA on September 11, 2001.  That assault resulted in making the USA, a nation with 361 ports, like a landlocked country spending its wealth on endless security screenings at all its ports and long lines of checkpoints at its airports and spending countless wealth for homeland security while still living in fear. Any nation in history that tampered with Christian Ethiopia was broken. Remember, the hypocrisy of the League of Nations towards Christian Ethiopia led to WWII.

Mr. President, in your campaign you promised to defend Christianity and that is why the Lord God brought you to power. Also, all glory to God that the new CIA Director trusts in the Lord God. I would like to make it known to you that the Book of the Lord states that the wellbeing of the United States of America and what it will end up to be, will depend entirely on what it does to Ethiopia. In Isaiah 18, it is written:

“Woe to the land of winged ships located beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.

He will send messengers by sea and letters on water. Swift messengers will proceed toward a tall, strange and wicked people. Which people are downtrodden and hopeless? They will live in their own countries and the rivers of the earth will live like the lands that support their residents. From the heads of the mountains a sign will be raised and a trumpet will be heard.

The Lord told me this: “My dwelling will be silent like at the time of a scorching day heat and like during a cloud of dew at the time of harvest.” Before the harvest, when the bud is good, and the grape is ripened, he shall cut off the stems with sickle and remove the branches. These will be left for the consumption of the fouls of the sky and for the beasts of the land. The fouls of the sky and the beasts of the earth will feast in the litter.

Then a present will be brought to the Lord of hosts at Mount Tsion from the people who live by their rivers who were downtrodden, weak and hopeless – a great people whose hopes were in the Lord from this time to eternity .”


Winged ships are airplanes

Rivers of Ethiopia are the nations of Africa

Land beyond the rivers of Ethiopia is the nation located across the ocean opposite Africa, in other words it is the USA

Downtrodden, weak and hopeless  are Africans represented by Christian Ethiopia

Tsion is Christian Ethiopia

In that prophecy the Lord says the USA will be punished for its malice towards Ethiopia.

The Lord is merciful and He Has given you power to change the outcome. Mr. President: you will be able to stop the horror that the USA is visiting upon Christian Ethiopia by simply ordering the CIA to leave Ethiopia alone. When the CIA leaves Ethiopia alone so should the MOSSAD too. Without the CIA the puppet government in Ethiopia will not last a week. In the absence of CIA and MOSSAD intervention, Ethiopians will restore their Christian values and the Lord will be served by it.  However, Mr. President, if you choose to ignore my petition here, please remember it in the first disaster of war. It will make clear sense to you then. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.

Glory to the Lord God in the Highest!

Mulugeta Wudu,


  1. Thank you brother! That is absolutely true. It is USA/CIA and other Western elements which procurred, installed and sustained TPLF in power with the meer objective of destroying Ethiopia and crushing Ethiopian identity/pride.

    Sure, TPLF is employee of CIA/MOSSAD/USA/UK/EU.

  2. Alem,

    What is the garbage? You need to hold on the basic rules of truth: dare to refer white as white, evil as evil.

    Post cold war Ethiopia is rulled by CIA and by the schemes of the Western states. TPLF is an employee to effect that! Think/analyse deeper to get the facts and dare to say it! You can win only if you find and hold on the facts!


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