Angela Merkel stunned by massive protest against Ethiopian government (TPLF) in Berlin. [By Zerihun Shumete/ Germany]

By Zerihun Shumete/ Germany
Angela Merkel stunned by massive protest against Ethiopian government (TPLF) in Berlin.  [By Zerihun Shumete/ Germany]Ethiopians who live in Germany have held a huge protest against the 25 years dictatorial Ethiopian government ( TPLF) on 09 Sep 2016 .  As the beating, killing and jailing of innocent Ethiopians by the ruling party EPDRF continues in various parts of the country     (, the Ethiopian diaspora community in Germany went out on the streets of Berlin to condemn these barbaric acts and to voice their anger and protests. The Ethiopian civic organizations, which are found in Germany, has arranged and successfully launched this demonstration. This protest was held in front of Germany Foreign office bureau, embassies of United States and France. At last the demonstration ended in front of the official residence of the German federal chancellery, Angela Mackerel’s building.

The main objectives of the Berlin demonstrations were

  1. supporting and standing in solidarity with the people of Ethiopia
  2. warning the TPLF regime to stop committing crimes against the people of Ethiopia
  3. putting pressure on the government to release journalists, political and religious leaders unconditionally
  4. demanding the 25 years dictatorial government (EPRDF /TPLF) to step down and hand the power to the people
  5. requesting the German government to stop supporting tyranny Ethiopian government financially and materially.


Ethiopians all over Germany have been opposing the ruthless ethnic-based dictatorial rule of the present regime in different ways. On  08 Sep. 2016 brave Ethiopians have barged into TPLF’s consulate in Frankfurt  and expressed their anger and detest for the regime. They demanded the Woyane rule to stop killing Ethiopians and to hand over the power to the people peacefully otherwise the power will be taken by all means and given to the owners, who are the Ethiopian people. Various activities of  pressuring the German government to stop supporting the Ethiopian regime have been also carried out by Ethiopian diaspora community. Demonstrations  in Frankfurt on April 2016 , solidarity and memorial programs in Munich on September 2016 ( for those innocent and peaceful Ethiopians who are brutally killed by TPLF soldiers in Amhara and Oromia) and  petitions programs were conducted successfully by Ethiopians in Germany.

The European union has announced its decision not to give Emergency trust fund money to TPLF regime on 07 September 2016 due to the recent killings, jailing and beating of innocent demonstrators and protesters by the government( in Amhara and Oromo regions)  U.S has also raised a great concern on the ongoing people protests  and on the use  of military actions on peaceful demonstrators by the government. German media have been also covering the Ethiopian people protests ( in Amhara and Oromia ) and the brutal responses of the government. Among these are

-Die Zeit ,

-Zeit Online (

-ZDF ( ,

-Die Tagesschau (

– Deutsch welle    (


By Zerihun Shumete

From Germany


Video-Ethiopian Demonstration in Berlin , Germany – 9/9/2016

የጀርመኗ ትልቋ ከተማ ሙኒክ በወያኔ የተገደሉትን ጀኖች ኢትዮጵያውያንን በደማቅ ሁኔታ አስባ ዋለች። በዘርይሁን ሹመቴ

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