1. Welcome dear patriot!!! I wish you and your party nothing but success. My family is very happy to see you having the chance to serve those glorious people who produced us all. Godspeed!!!

    In the meantime, this is an order to all of in the Diaspora!!!! This septuagenarian is giving you all an order to watch the next athletics competition in Doha. This coming Friday Oct. 04 it will be the men’s 3,000 steeplechase final. There are 3 countrymen in the final. The next day Oct 5 it is the women’s 5,000 final. There are 3 our own angry cheetahs in it. Watch that Hawi bint Feysa!!! Men’s marathon is scheduled the same day and I am not sure how our men will hold up to that suffocating heat and humidity. Finally on the closing day it will be the men’s 10,000 meters final I am sure our men are always tough cookies to beat. You can always tape it to watch it later on if there will be a schedule conflict with this meeting. Let’s all root for them and this is an order!!!

  2. But most importantly you & your team have to do aggressive public discourse & discussion with all areas in Ethiopia before it reaches so called 2012 Election.


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