Appeal for Calm on The Alarming Developments in Eastern & Southern Ethiopia

Ethiopiawinnet Press Release
September 16, 2017

We in Ethiopiawinnet are alarmed by recent reports of “border” disputes between Oromo and Ethiopian-Somali regions that degenerated to internecine killings, forced mass displacements, imprisonment and expulsions, affecting thousands of peaceful citizens. In particular, the conflict has resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives on both sides and loss of public and private properties.

The root cause for this conflict is the experimental “ethnic” policy, religiously followed by the TPLF/EPDRF regime for more than a quarter of a century. Nine regions were created in a top-down approach, mostly based on the ethno-linguistic population make up criteria. Each region came up with a regional constitution that defined regional identity & rights to emanate from belonging to the main ethnic group of the region, not citizenship and residence in the region, as in other federal states around the world. Unlike any democracy in the world, the Ethiopian experiment created mine & yours mentalities, relegating residents into first & second class citizens, even triggering repeated expulsions, as was the case to Amaras in Arba Gugu, Bedeno, Water, and others, since 1991.

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