Aren’t the West and the East killing Ethiopians by backing a terrorist regime?

By Achamyeleh Tamru

Achamyeleh Tamru

The Ethiopia that has been ruled by a formally declared state of emergency for the last 4 months has conducted an election this past year in a system that has been set up to tick the boxes the West requires as to say Ethiopia has a democratic process rather than being set up to actually fit the circumstances of the country.

As part of their mafia, cunning, hypocritical and deceiving tactics, state of emergency is one of the political expressions Fascist weyyanes used to present themselves as if they have been running the country as civil government before the October of past year. But for most Ethiopians who know their real fascist face, divisive nature, extremely racist and tribal mindset and jungle mentality, a civilian government can’t be imaged ever under the Tigrian oligarch’s rule.

For the past one year, the terrorist Tigrian regime has been on the offensive and stepped up its terror attacks in the norther western, central and eastern parts of the country targeting civilian Amhara and Oromo youth, children, the elderly and women. The loss of life and suffering of the victims due to the state terrorism in Ethiopia is the cost we Ethiopians have been paying for the West and East strategy of supporting the fascist Tigrian regime ignoring the totality of the country’s issues. This same strategy of the West and East is responsible for the more than two decades of misery and anguish to an East African nation that is on a verge of leaving up to its tag of a failed state.

The TPLF declared state of emergency has nothing to do with brining peace and security in Ethiopia. The Tigrian oligarchies have declared the state of emergency with the aims of legalizing their day light killing, looting, arresting and plundering of Ethiopians, and to justify the launching of a new wave of violence by Tigrian troops against Amharas and Oromos of Ethiopia who demand justice. The declared state of emergency has also the grand aim of trading fear where the regime has been using it as its source of strength for the last 25 years.

Had the declared state of emergency state of emergency and/or local emergency had the of securing peace and stability, the regime mercenaries would have not been involved in killing, kidnapping, torturing, arresting peaceful people and they would haven’t been heavily involved in trading fear and drives away all the comforts the Ethiopians need as a human.

On top of all these, had the state of emergency been declared with the intention of “restoring” peace and stability in the country, the situation on the ground wound haven’t gone from bad to worse in a matter of days after the walking dead puppet prime minister appeared on the regime’s owned propaganda machine to read to the Ethiopian people the scripts a state of emergency written by his Tigrian masters.

If we deconstruct the Western and Eastern backers of the terrorist regime of Ethiopia, we can also see the different conflicts of interest among the backers. This conflict of interest, among the backers, coupled with the regime’s fascist nature and its desperation to scare its subjects into submission by slaughtering, torturing, arresting and interrogating have increased the death and slaughter of civilians on an unprecedented scale and the humanitarian plight of the Amharas and the Oromos of Ethiopia that does not receive media attention since the outbreak of Amhara Resistance and Oromo Protest in 2016.

In the Ethiopia of today, one can’t walk from one destination to another without fear for his/her life. In the Ethiopia of today, fear overrides any kind of thought. Under such uncertain circumstances, let alone with a state of emergency, Ethiopia will not triumph even under a civilian administration.
It is true that Weyyane is a regime forced upon us by European union and other Western countries to destroy the historic greater Ethiopia. If the European union and United States of America want peace in our Ethiopia, they should not back our detormentor and that is when our struggle to bring Ethiopia to power borne a fruit.

For a nation to thrive, every part is important and it is a huge jigsaw. An economy will not function unless it is hedged to a political system that works, and unless that in turn is hedged to social and cultural values which support the whole system. This can’t be imagined while the Tigrian oligarchy and fascist system is forced upon us. The only solution to Ethiopia’s current crisis is the dismantling of Meles Zenawi’s bureaucratic criminal regime that had nothing to do with democracy and human rights. Right now, the biggest impediment to doing so is the support Meles Zenawi’s roving bandit is receiving from the West and the Eastern World backers.

All Westerners and Easterners involved chasing their interests by backing a terrorist regime in Ethiopia and at the same time have the conscious and willingness to do something humane for other fellow human beings can at least do one little thing for Ethiopians who are under vitriolic attacks by the terrorists on the throne. While playing for their own interest, they can at least position themselves as honest brokers of the situation in Ethiopia. This is the first step big step we those who suffered under fascist weyyane’s bestiality for the past 25 years need the Westerns and Easterners should take to keep their interest maintained and for us to end the 25 years of political bedlam and create a condition that ALL Ethiopians at least buy into and believe it.


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