Armed Gangs Kill Six Children In Ethiopia

Unidentified armed gangs have shot and killed six teenagers in northern part of Ethiopia Amhara region Tsegede area at a place called Adman.

Before killing the gangs have kidnapped eight children and were demanding for 500,000 birr (about $15,723) for each child from the parents, according to local sources. Then out of the eight children they kidnapped they shot six of them and killed.

One of the child managed to escape while the other one was wounded and survived. The armed gangs known as Shifta, have escaped after committing the crime in Sanja wereda or district, according to local reports.



  1. What savagery!!! What shameful act!!! Barbaric punks are roaming free everywhere!!! How will you tell the mothers of those butchered kids what had happened to their baby boys? Where will you begin? Woe!!! Woe!!! Woe!!!
    May They Rest In Peace!!!

  2. This is the result of the wrong provocation initiated between the Ethnic groups of the county by the leading party EPRDF. This time, the bad legacy of this regime has continued and even it has gone to the worst and the killing of these kids is part of the Political conspiracy of the country.

    I usually say that the country is in great problem this time and resolutions and reconciliation of the ethnic al difference should be implemented before free election of the representatives of the country.

    If not, the election process will bring the country to typical civil war between ethnic al groups of the country and even we lost our country Ethiopia

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