Ethiopian Government forces kill at least 13 civilians and over a dozen wounded in Moyale town of Oromia Region

Following the killing of at least 13 civilians by the so called Command Post in Moyale, Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia today, activists have announced that they are calling for fuel blockade and protests across Ethiopia.

Several Ethiopian activists and media sources including VoA Amharic have reported that government securities have killed at least 13 people in the Moayle and wounded several civilians. Local residents have started fleeing to bordering Kenya following the massacre, the media outlets have reported. The reports stated “the Command Post ordered local police to leave the town saying that they want to clear OLF rebels who entered the town recently and executed unarmed civilians .”

The activists have said that in response to the killings and renewing their call to the government to change the State of Emergency (SoE) and sit down with all oppsotion forces, they are launching fuel protest which blocks fuel transport into Ethiopia. This will cause widespread disruption fuel/petroleum products.

Ethiopia imports fuel via Sudan and Djibouti. Therefore, it is expected that the Ethiopian regional towns that border these countries in the North West, Amhara region and Eastern Ethiopia, Oromia regions are possibly participating the fuel protest.

Details were not given how the protests were going to be implemented.

The Ethiopian economy has recently been struggling recently following Forex Crunch and the effects of political instability, which has led to the stopping of some mega construction projects. Many government ministers are struggling to pay salaries to their employees, sources indicated. The current fuel blockade adds fuel into the fire of the collapsing economy. Ethiopian-Saudi tycoon, Mohammod Ali Al Amoudi, who often bailed out the government during such times, is in Saudi jail accused of corruption.

1 thought on “Ethiopian Government forces kill at least 13 civilians and over a dozen wounded in Moyale town of Oromia Region

  1. As I write this, the number of dead has climbed to 13 and over a dozen wounded. These are unarmed and not protesting at all. Tigray Front has issued a statement that these were killed by “mistake” (it was their mistake then to be killed?) This is the exact phrase used by Derg fascists.
    Ethiopia is fast becoming a slow motion killing field. Every single day 10-15 are killed in different regions by snipers and Special Forces under Tigray Front command. These add up. That is why the ruling party resorts to Internet blackouts and tapping phones and emails. News somehow gets out. The good thing is that world community is finally realizing what is going on behind the facade of “war on terror” by a terrorizing regime. That the much touted “peace and development” presents a harsher reality for the populace – especially children and young women (over 2 million are in the Middle East and thousands more fleeing the country every day).
    Just so we remember, Prime Minister Hailemariam (who never had real power) was pushed out on account of the worsening corruption and repression and as preparation for the state of emergency. The irony is that his deputies and special advisers are still in power. Let me list few names. DebreTsion (deputy pm and in charge of security, telecom, economy, finance, Gerd), Arkebe, Zadig, Berhane, Abay, Seyoum, Sebhat (the latter two without portfolio), Getachew, Seare. Every one of these are Tigray Front members. Don’t take my word for it.
    Two days after Hailemariam was pushed out, the ruling party issued a statement that “this is not military coup!” The urge for the preemption is bizarre. There was no need for a military takeover, as the country is already divided up under “command posts” with tanks and all. Similar to an occupying force!
    Command posts are under direct authority of Tigray Front officers. Every key position in the intelligence, security and defense is held by members of Tigray Front. In comparison to other brutal regimes, Ethiopia’s is easy to identify perpetrators for brutalities on civilians when the case is brought before International Criminal Court. In fact, the United Nations two days ago has asked for a probe and prosecution of culprits.

    I suggest you along with other advocacy groups lodge complaints against VOA, ABC, etc, reports by Tplf plants who consistently twist a story to fit in with Tplf ideology.

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