Bloomberg journalist William Davison, mercenary ‘journalist’, Says Oromo activists

The Bloomberg reporter based in Ethiopia is accused of his latest report on the ongoing Oromo protest. The following is what the right group claims.

William Davison is now openly acting as propagandist of the regime trying to frame the protest against regime as if its ethnic conflict. As we reported yesterday the regime used OPDO and ANDM cadres to instigate violence in a village in South West Shawa which was immediate put under control by local elders. Now this mercenary uses those same cadres who instigated the violent as source to defame the legitimate protest. This mercenary was claiming to be ‘vacation’ not to cover the protest. He asked me to give him sources on the ground I refused to do so because I suspected he passes information to the regime’s intelligence services. Now I have no doubt. No activist should ever put this guy in touch with any one on the ground.

The regime can hire 100s of mercenary propagandists, it will not be able to hide the truth. As to the mercenaries.

(Jawawr Mohamod)

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