Chairman Royce Statement on Ethiopia Political Prisoners Announcement

StateWashington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) issued the following statement on the human rights situation in Ethiopia:

“Ethiopia has finally acknowledged that it holds political prisoners. Now, the government should quickly follow through on its commitments to release them and close a prison camp notorious for torture. If Ethiopia is to remain a strong U.S. partner and a source of stability in a dangerous region, the government must respect the rights of the Ethiopian people.”

Note: The Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed a resolution in July condemning excessive use of force by Ethiopian security services that has resulted in the deaths of protesters, and the wrongful detainment of journalists, students, activists and political leaders.



  1. do you think that the Ethiopian government will release a political prisoners?
    no one expect that rather foolish.

    the prime mister mention on their press conference with the leader of 4 inter parts that that prisoners camp will closed cuz of built by former government. but not cuz of their willing to release political prisoners.

  2. If there is anything that irks me most, it is the disingenuous American government statements about the fascist regime of inferior Tigres in Ethiopia.

    America supported the terrorist Tigres and gave them a green light to occupy a country they had dubbed an enemy for 17 years. America has been cognisant of the spates of genocides and unspeakable atrocities these virtual aliens had committed over the years.

    It was the material and moral assistance lent to TPLF that had emboldened it to kill, maim, incarcerate Ethiopians. For what it is worth, America is complicit.


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