China Expresses Support To Ethiopia’s Reform

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who arrives Addis Ababa on Thursday for official visit, expressed his country’s support to the reform Ethiopia is currently undertaking.

He made the comment after meeting Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. During his one day official meeting in Ethiopia, Minister Wang Yi has also talked to Ethiopia’s President Sahlework Zewde.

Prime Minister Abiy highlighted that in addition to continued support in infrastructure development, the new frontier of a strengthened relationship needs to capitalize on introducing new forms of technology, according to the statement from the PM Press Secretariat.

“Mr. Wang Yi appreciated the successful reform initiatives that have been undertaken over the past few months in Ethiopia. He further emphasized that Ethiopia is on the right path and that China remains committed to supporting and to developing new dimensions to the relationship,” it said.

After the reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power about eight months ago, relation between the two countries has been slowing, according to some observers.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abiy has visited Beijing during the recent Africa-China meeting and managed to extend loan payment period for Ethiopia, which was at sort of financial crises when he came to power.

For the past two decades, Chinese companies have been highly engaged in infrastructure developments in Ethiopia, mostly financed by Chinese government loans.

Chinese government loan to Ethiopian government from 2000 – 2014 was $12 billion, while latest reports also show that the east Africa country has also taken an additional few billion dollars from China.

Even though the loans have helped Ethiopia develop its infrastructures, lack of transparency and quality of the infrastructures were often mentioned as major challenges by critics.

Some also have been expressing worries about the danger of growing state loans of China in Africa, which at times are leading to unforeseen acquisition of some infrastructures of African countries by the Chinese government like, the recent Mombasa Port of Kenya.

1 thought on “China Expresses Support To Ethiopia’s Reform

  1. It is a good news that China has taken the path to strength its relation with the new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who has taken radical steps aimed at dismantling the country’s troubled past and paving the way for a new future.

    The poison of hate and division created by TPLF are unravelling yet, these mafia oligarchy are working day and night to divide Oromo with Amhara, Somali and Benishangul people.

    I appreciate Abiy for the reform he brought, and should remov those corrupt and evil killers from their positions and bringing them to court.

    TPLF criminals who are hiding in Mekelle has robbed the country for the last 27 years and should be dragged out of theirs hiding cave and be brought to justice and also those associated with them. all theirs financial assets should be freeze.

    These criminals are still sabotaging the peace process, recently Blocking Ethiopian troops withdrawal from the Ethio-Eritrea border by locals in Tigray was unconstitutional and the government should take measures against those who hatched the hampering of Ethiopian troops withdrawal from the Ethio-Eritrea border.

    The move by the locals was a serious violation of the constitution which clearly stipulates that the army would only take orders from the Prime Minister and his defense chief of staff. the blockage of troops withdrawal by the local people was a result of conspiracy by elements in Tigray that stood against the ongoing political reforms in the country.

    Peace and victory for all Ethiopians
    There is more that units us than divides us

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