Commemoration of the Adwa Victory and the Yekatit 12 Martyrs Day in Pretoria, South Africa

121 Years of the Great African Adwa Victory-Yekatit 23, 2009(Eth. Calendar).
We celebrated the 121 Years of this great day in Kara Heritage Institute on 27 February,2017 with children of ages 7 and 8 doing remarkably Kerereto, Fukera and Shilela and Kesis Dr. Ashenafi presenting on the 80th Anniversary of the Yekatit 12 Italian Massacre  brining in the history of the role played by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church , Ato Kidane Alemayehu presenting why Italy must pay reparation, abolish Graziani the butchers statue and the Vatican must aplogise  for blessing the weapons to kill Ethiopians  as”holy, holy and holy”.  Professor Mathole Motshekga presented on the contributions of Africa to science and civilisation. I presented on Adwa Victory and Ethiopianism and a number of  our South African brothers and sisters presented on the Africa History Month powerfully explaining why there should not be any attacks  against other Africans by Africans at all anywhere. We must all learn from Adwa Victory to learn to trust each other and never fight with each other.  Adwa Victory made Africans victors and not victims(Thabo Mbeki). We must learn this history not just for the sake of knowing what happened, but to learn  Adwa Victory still lives on until Africa is fully liberated and united…
Prof. Mammo Muchie


  1. Prof. Muchie, thank you for all your contribution and work towards peace and the unity of our country. Indeed the defeat of the Italians at Adwa was a great achievement for all Africans. Instead of commemorating the victory at Adwa here is what a TPLF mouth piece online site wrote. “The new generation should break the tie with the old false history and embrace the new Ethiopia before it is too late”. The title of the article is “Minilik II – Glorification of a fifth column”. TPLF cadres are drunk with power and consider nothing of the past. For them, they are the story and the history of Ethiopia. These are the people who are leading the nation and dividing us along ethnic lines for their own gain. The fact is in the end no one will gain from a divisive regime.

  2. Professor Mammo,

    I am a great admirer of your tireless contribution to the freedom of the Ethiopian people. You have struggled for freeom, democracy and liberty of our people since your student years. It is not many people who can exhibit so principled, consistent and puposefull contribution. I wish you a long prosperous and productive life since you are a source of inspiration for many, specially the youth.


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