Communiqué From: Concerned African Scholars

Re:  The Current Situation in Ethiopia:

To The AU, EU ad UN and All Governments in Africa, Asia, Latin-America, Europe and America Europe & the Permanent Members of the Security Council:
October 30, 2016
We concerned African Scholars who participated in the Roundtable on Equal Partnership in Africa for Intra African Trade and Industry: Revisiting the Lagos Plan of Action held at Velmore Hotel Estate, Centurion, South Africa ( August 26-27, 2016),
Antique Compass, Maps, and Globe
We all who come from all regions of Africa to participate in this important conference:
Express our deep concern to learn that peaceful protestors that demand the toxic ethnic ideology that divided Ethiopia linguistically over 25 years are now exposed to brutal killings by the Governments’ security forces called Agaazi troops
The people in all parts of the country protest against the regime that continues to move minorities to settle by displacing the people who reside in the area for centuries. When they refuse and protest against this forced displacement, the regime uses special military forces. Over 500 people have been reported killed. There is really worry a genocide may be in the making. Minorities have been selected and moved away making the areas open to possible massacres.

The regime in Ethiopia should have learned from the recent experience Africans went through. We know apartheid did not succeed in South Africa; ethnic division   brought genocide in Rwanda. Currently in Ethiopia we find it deeply worrisome to note that the control of the economy, the politics and the military by one minority political party, the TPLF that ruled over 25 years, that has not managed to create inclusive and sustainable systems, governance, institutions and leadership has now reached a situation where over 95 % of the population have demanded enough is enough and are revolting and setting up their own self-government.

It is high risk that for over 25 years to see blatantly key sectors of the economy are in minority ethnic hands and the top brass of the military, intelligence, and security forces are nearly mostly from one ethnic group. The worst is for the regime to produce a military force called Agaazi and deploys this force to suppress peaceful protest in all parts of the country where there is any attempt by the people to freely express their displeasure at unpopular actions of the Government. It is even worse that the Agaazi force    sidelines the local police and security forces.

This force and the killing it commits is illegal and the Government must stop this genocidal route and open the opportunity to listen to the  peaceful protestors and learn to address their issues with dialogue and not go to perish them with war and violence.

We call upon all in the world to stop the massacre that is being committed against Ethiopian people.

We demand that the Government of Ethiopia must not use brutality and massacre against peaceful protestors. The right to peaceful dissent must be a right that must be respected. There is no justification for killing peaceful protestors who stand for social justice and respect of human rights.

Ethiopia is the heart of Africa and has provided the anti-colonial spiritual strength to all colonized people on the continent and beyond. Ethiopianism has been the liberation logocentric imagination provider for all Africans. We are all deeply hurt to learn this tragic turn.

Stop killing all peaceful protestors and be opened to dialogue now. Let all unite to stop the Government to continue killing. If the regime continues killing, there should be a global boycott to make it impossible for the regime to keep its illegal killing spree.

Let ethnic ideology be removed

Let Ethiopians like Rwanda make it illegal to go for ethnicity

Let all Ethiopians be Africans first and join and unite the rest of Africa as Africans and humans first.

We stand in solidarity with those who stand for justice and are peacefully protesting to create a truly representative Government that can sustain a system and governance that will anchor peace and stability in Ethiopia and wider Africa forever.



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