Criminal Teddy (Eduardo Byrono)

There is a blood on your hands waiting to backfire at you, Theodros Adnahom, You are a thug, a crook and a diehard criminal who deserves to be punished by every possible way. Your time will come!

Those of you who truly care for Ethiopia and Ethiopians, let us do all we can to prevent Criminal Teddy from going forward to win a seat as the highest officer of WHO. (World Health Organization).

Criminal Teddy should be in prison serving life for the heinous crime he committed against humanity, but not seeking a seat in the highest office.

Let us vote him out now so that he will never succeed. Let us give our vote to Dr David Nabarro instead. Especially those of you in Diaspora, instead of crying on social media day in and day out, do whatever you can. Take action. Vote Dr David Nabarro.

Criminal Teddy is not a doctor to begin with. He is a thug, a right-hand man of the genocide TPLF. So he should be arrested and brought to the international court.

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