Debretsion Gebremichael Is The New Massacre in Chief in Addis Ababa (NY/NJ Ethiopians Task Force)

(TPLF-governance 101: governing = terrorizing, massacring and torturing)

Ethiopians have witnessed too many massacres committed by a coward regime that uses its special military, the Agazi forces, to protect the interests of the ethnocentric killing and looting machine, the TPLF, rather than to protect the country’s borders.

Based on records of the Ethiopian government, close to 30,000 Ethiopians were massacred by fascist Graziani during the Ethio-Italian war of 1937. While it is very difficult to get the exact number due to lack of transparency and independent media, various sources put the number of Ethiopians killed by the TPLF over the past twenty-seven years to be over 10,000.

Italians massacred the population as revenge for their failed attempt to colonize the country and its people for the second time, since brave Ethiopians fought and defeated the ruthless colonial power. Similarly, the TPLF is massacring Ethiopians because they unequivocally rejected its apartheid style and its poor and uncivilized governance. TPLF officials including the current TPLF leader, Debretsion Gebremichael, who is known for his travel to foreign nations for prostitution, are proud of the number of Ethiopian lives they’ve taken, which is not that far from lives taken by the fascist General

It is well known that most of the TPLF leaders have no training in governance. They are so strongly influenced by their idol, Meles Zenawi, that they strongly believe that the only way they should govern Ethiopians is by applying the techniques of terrorizing, massacring, torturing and imprisoning.

While horrifying torture stories have been told by brave survivors, it is very hard to collect all the data on massacres committed by the TPLF. Based on recent reports, a few of the massacres committed by the TPLF include:

  1. Moyale massacre of March 2018: Close to 30 Oromo Ethiopians were intentionally killed days ago by the command post.
  2. Woldia massacre of 2018: More than 20 Amhara Ethiopians killed while celebrating a religious holiday (hundreds disappeared and suspected to be killed or imprisoned in Nazi style prison camps in Tigray).
  3. Chelenko Massacre of 2017: Close to 15 kids were murdered by the regime, including a 10-year-old child.
  4. Irreccha massacre of 2016: More than 800 Oromo Ethiopians were killed while celebrating the Irreccha holiday.
  5. Ambo Massacre of 2014 and 2017: More than 100 peaceful demonstrators killed.
  6. Gambella massacre of 2003: More than 400 Anuak Ethiopians were massacred.
  7. Ogaden massacre of 2008, 2014 and 2016: More than 200 people have been murdered.
  8. Gojam kobel massacre of 2016: More than 50 peaceful demonstrators were killed by sharp shooters stationed on buildings.
  9. Meles Massacre of Addis Ababa of 2005: Close to 200 youth massacred during peaceful demonstrations.


The question is, how many more massacres do we have to witness before the world community takes a strong stand and imposes sanctions against the TPLF leaders? How many more Ethiopian mothers must lose their loved ones? How many more Ethiopian households should have empty chairs and empty beds due to the loss of their brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers?


TPLF leaders have washed their hands with the blood of poor Ethiopians, and they will not think twice before they kill thousands more again. The fact is, key players, including Debrestione Gebremichael, Samora Yenus, Getachew Assefa, Sibhat Nega and Abay Tsehay would care more about the food they eat than the lives of hundreds of Ethiopians that they kill every day. They would care more about the whisky they drink than the wellbeing of the country Ethiopia itself. These thugs are committing all their crimes at the comfort of their houses, payed for by money looted from poor farmers and merchants whose kids are being attacked by weapons and bullets purchased by their own tax dollars.


Relentless uprising by Ethiopians in all regions, coupled with pressure from donor nations, have prompted little action and empty promises by the regime. The TPLF has only released close to 5% of its political prisoners and has never allowed for real and reliable political dialogue. The regime has immediately declared a state of emergency as soon as it released a few prisoners and soon started to imprison famous bloggers, like the Ambo University lecturer, Seyoum Teshome and peaceful demonstrators, taking them to TPLF’s torture museum called Maekelawi. As of now, that torture museum can only be visited by the TPLF torture masters.


These actions of the TPLF fortify the fact that Ethiopians have never considered the TPLF as their government. Instead, they have rightly labelled it as a collection of criminals who ruled the country under a state of emergency for twenty-seven years.


Ethiopians should continue the uprising to get rid of the cruel regime and establish a government that is accountable to them. The state of Emergency will not protect the killers who work for the TPLF, as they will soon face justice


Ethiopians Will Prevail

NY/NJ Ethiopians Task Force (


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  1. That is true but ogaden is more than that you mentioned b/c they are in massacre for 25-years. in reality ogaden people some are prisoners ,some are massacred ,some are displaced to the neighbour countries.

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