Olympian Abebe,: Rome Olympic in the year 1960?

by Eduardo Byrono

–You will never be a past tense!!

Olympian Abebe Bekila

Did Olympian Abebe carry his personal faith to the marathon’s battleground at the final seconds of the race, in Rome Olympic in the year 1960?
It looked like it. Because moment before the Olympic hero executed his dramatic entrance to the stadium with a speed of a hunting tiger, he suddenly held his hand above his shoulder and began waving his finger toward the heavens.

Some of his fans believed that he was launching a warning at his opponents who were left far behind, other suspected that he was probably waving goodbye at the world, but most of his fans believed still to this day that the stunning Abe, has presented his victory to the divine power, who is far greater than any great man will ever be.

All battles are fought by men, but the glory always belongs to the God Almighty” . Abebe proved it in the most defining moment of his life.

So long, Abebe, what a well-lived life that was. You will never ever be a past tense !!


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