Dr Abeba Fekade on TPLF’s Ethn-Radical Goverment

Dr Abeba Fekade  confronted one of TPLF founding member, Ato Mekonen. Listen an interview with Dr. Abeba Fekade who deconstructs the myth of Ethiopian development in Ethiopia. What has happened in Ethiopian since May 1991 is the largest generational theft in Ethiopian history in which weyane tegres have ruthlessly looted billions from the rest of Ethiopia and develop tegre. Dr. Abeba is re-defining courage in telling the truth in the strongest

Dr. Abeba Fekad

1 thought on “Dr Abeba Fekade on TPLF’s Ethn-Radical Goverment

  1. I don’t know DR. Of what is she ?
    Sham on her, Late her live with her hate of song for the rest of
    Her life, she is dr. Of that.

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