Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan deadlocked over giant Nile dam, look to Washington talks


  1. I think it is time now for a 3rd party to come as a mediator and find a median way for these two countries. Sudan also has a stake in this. What I would like to see western countries like the USA to come in and assist the old country in finding alternatives to meet its energy needs like power generated by nuclear reactors as it was done for Japan others Asian countries known as tiger economies. Nuclear reactors have come a long way in their safety records since the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl disasters. It is the safest and more reliable than the hydro ones. The old country is not sitting on active fault line to worry about catastrophic earthquakes. The fuel for such reactors cannot be easily weaponized. So with the stringent oversight it is perfectly safe. I hope all three stakeholders will put aside raw emotions and wise up to come up with amicable solution. Bullying ain’t gonna work. Stubbornness will be counterproductive and not one single young man should lose his life in a senseless conflict where Egypt will end up bringing catastrophic consequences on its innocent civilians. Egypt is allegedly working to keep its 42 billion of whatever standard weight it is using but it may end up losing it all. Sudan will be devastated by the consequences of Egypt’s bullying tactics. Also my other niggaaz in the hood will not sit idle either. USA should intervene and mediate these two stubborn parties.


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