Egypt says no ‘breakthrough’ with Ethiopia over Nile dam

Construction work on the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia on 21 August 2015 [Sigma PlantFinder/Twitter]

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry told reporters that talks over the $5 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam had stopped for more than a year before restarting in Cairo earlier in the day.

The long-running dispute centers on the filling and operation of what will be Africa’s largest hydroelectric dam.

Egypt fears the dam could reduce its share of the Nile River which serves as a lifeline for the country’s 100 million people. Ethiopia, which has roughly the same population size, maintains that the dam will help its economic development.

Shoukry said he hopes that Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia can agree to a timetable to reach a deal over the soon-to-be-completed dam.

Shoukry said his county “respects Ethiopia’s right to development” but “without affecting Egypt.”

He said Egypt has been ready to reach a settlement, but warned against any side “to attempt to establish a de facto situation on the ground” without an agreement.

In May last year, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan reached an agreement to set up a scientific study group to consult on the filling of the dam. But no progress was reported since then.

Shoukry said Sunday’s talks were “scientific” and that Egypt was open for further discussions.

The dam is now more than 60% finished, and Ethiopia hopes to become a key energy hub in Africa upon its completion. The dam will generate about 6,400 megawatts, more than doubling Ethiopia’s current production of 4,000 megawatts.

Egypt received the lion’s share of the Nile waters under decades-old agreements seen by other Nile bastion countries as unfair.


  1. If it was constructed with projected time, presently it may reach more than 80%. So no way to go back as construction has been started with penny of all Ethiopians; especially many school children haቭ stamped on it by buying bond for sake of foreseeing their bright future.

    Hence no one can bargain on voice of these young children and on name of many people who raised funds.
    Ethiopian negotiators should have strong power for three parties negotiation at least by overcoming previous mistakes made by historical politicians. Day and night Egyptians work for sake of their advantage only.

    So no way, no compromise to accomplish it

  2. Egypt has never said Nile Dam should not accomplished,They proposed a 7 year completion of Nile Dam while Ethiopia chose a 3 years completion. The Question here is why Ethiopia Chose a 3 year completion? Does it have any connection with 90 million USD with Al-Bashir? Its far better for all Ethiopians to rethink about the 1 year of retarded politics movement in Ethiopia and accept the truth before its too late

  3. Egypt is either bluffing or recklessly playing with fire. Here is one cardinal question I am posing to everyone here and I want an ocular answer which means your answer should be based on what you actually see. So here it is: Where is the Blue Nile located at its place of origin? At the mouth of Lake Tana, right? Where is Lake Tana located? In Ethiopia, right? Ethiopia is the owner of Lake Tana, right? Hello!!! Is someone upstairs? It is like Honduras trying to stop the USA from harnessing the Mississippi River because doing so will deny the Gulf of Mexico the flow of fresh water to sustain fish life. Whether Egypt likes it or not the dam will somehow be completed and up running. So what is Egypt going to do about it? Send one or two of it clunky F-16’s and bomb the dam? Well then the river may stop flowing in the direction of its current course. Rivers, you know, sometimes they change routes. Such reckless threat and action might trigger a ‘huge earthquake’ that may unleash an ‘alluvial tsunami’!!! When this happens(alluvial tsunami), rivers always flow backwards. Instead of flowing south as they always did, they flow northward and instead west, they flow east. Then everyone can say, ‘case closed!!!’ You know what I mean?

    Egypt!! Itadub!!!

  4. To give the best possible solution any party must go beyond what can be perceived, Most of us are viewing it from the point of our own benefit,and this is Politics that is absolutely based on EGO(Human beings LIFE TIME ENEMY), that is what kept Ethiopia into the Abyss for a very long time.

    Let us win our EGO for a moment and let try to see ourselves outside our comfort zone (DANGEROUS EGOISTIC ZONE) that will never help us and our children,and thet will leave us again into the ABYSS.

    Will you be happy if people like you and Children Like ours to suffer from any type of disaster that will be caused when fighting whose idea should be accepted based on NILE DAM while the truth about it is in our own hands?

    The truth is Is Ethiopia the one and only country that caused Nile to flow as its flowing? Is Egypt is the one and only country that made Nile to be the source of Egypt’s overall economy?

    Politics made us blind not to perceive the very plain truth because of this we Ethiopians chose to think about our own benefit only siding with SUDAN, because there is a plan to do with 36 months of Sudan’s Transitional government plan which is perfectly in harmony with NILE DAM completion in 3 years,that is connected with 90 million USD, corrupted from SAUDI. ITS CONSPIRACY THEORY.


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