Emperor Menelik and Meles Zenawi both “killed Ethiopia” say Ginbot 7 and Ephrem Madebo


“Emperor Menelik and Meles Zenawi both used language to unify Ethiopia, they both killed people in the process and they both failed to create a unified country. Menelik made a strategic mistake, a mistake that emanates from false sense of superiority and arrogance. Meles, the most educated of all Ethiopian leaders, repeated the same mistake that he vowed to correct. Menelik and Meles have different goals but the same ending.”

taken from an article written by Ephrem Madebo of Ginbot 7

Read Ephrem Madebo’s article



  1. It is useless to talk about mistakes done long time ago. Please forward solutions to bring all Ethiopians together and to reign ethiopianwinet than gotegninet.

  2. What a comparison. Very sad. Melees United Ethiopia? Melees killed many Ethiopians as oppose to Minilik. Plz don’t compare “ melese” with Minilik. Madebo comparison is very stupid if it’s true.


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