1. Esat people you are doing Esayas Afewerkis derty job .we know who Esayas is what evil man is he has been working all his life to destroy Ethiopia because he never want to see one great Ethiopia .If the war starts it will be a great war all the way to Esayas palace ti remove him once for good.

  2. Bzih b ato Esayas yetemera Ethiopian yemebetaten agenda betam bemiyaszin melku ethiopian b wendimochu ye eritrea hizb lay endichekin endayadergut betam asasbognal lik ye Sirilanka wetaderoch b Tamil tiger tor ena hizboch lay yetewesedew ermija endayhon yasferal.
    Yawtachihu ato Meles Zenawi behiwet silelelu manim ayastilachihum.


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