Ethiopia Hana Responded to Dr Tsegaye SBS Amharic

Ethiopia Hana Responded to Dr Tsegaye SBS Amharic
Ethiopia Hana Responded to Dr Tsegaye SBS Amharic

1 thought on “Ethiopia Hana Responded to Dr Tsegaye SBS Amharic

  1. Are you going to deny the history what Ethiopian has been through? The current situation can tell you. tplf does not happened out of nothing. It happened because they felt that their people did not get their fair share of that country. The same goes to Oromo people. How could you possibly deny the past history that Ethiopians was led by Amara group or elite. The same now for tigre the country is being destroyed by tigre elite. They are doing this for the pay back. But they are wrong to do so. When it comes to Oromo people you cannot stop Oromo intellectual to speak the truth. Dr Tsgaye told the truth. You cannot hide the truth. You can only negotiate with the people the current generation are smarter then you are. The will never accept the lie. You can only work with the people based on truth. The Amhara elite want to hide the truth, this cannot take you anywhere. The current generation will not be fooled by you. The current generation only agreed to work together based on truth by recognising the past mistake make sure that will not happen.

    The dirty thing you are talking about Dr Deama Nogo and Lenchgo who betrayed Oromo people. Oromo people will have quotations for them when the right time comes. You said that you will wait for another 30 years that word alone can tell us who you are. You are telling as that Dr Dema and Lencho is working with you after 30 year with you to accept your lie. The current generations are not Dr Deama or Lencho they are dead for Oromo people. The only thing they brought to Oromo people is disrespect.
    You are mistaken if you think you can fool the current generation. Qeeroo Who are now leading the revolution in Ethiopia. Those Amhara who want Ethiopia will work with Oromo people based on truth. Not neftega.

    You are dividing Oromo people by repeating what Dr Bearhau Nega said this can only hart Amhara not Oromo people
    Oromo people also will not work with Neftega, extremism . We can only work with Moderate Amara.
    The only people who are destroying Ethiopia Amhara elite and tigre elite. No one else.

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