Ethiopia: Is there a secret project of declaration of independence of the Tigre region?

“We will also declare our independence if the Tigray region took the first step,” said Abdi Mahamoud Omar, President of the Region Somalia to Ethiopia, during a conciliation meeting between officers of the national army Ethiopian and Somali clans of Ethiopia held in Jigjiga the last week of January 2017.

The president of the Somali regional state of Ethiopia, expressed his wish for independence in the presence of Major General Abraham Woldemariam, head of the Ethiopian army stationed in Harar, General Mehari Zewdu and Major General Ibrahim Jalil who Is a member of the Ethiopian Ministry of Defense. “We do not want to stay with the Amharas if the Tigers leave the Ethiopian federation and our land rich in natural resources will not be a wealth for the Amhara region and source of poverty for the Somalis of Ethiopia” added Abdi Mahamoud said Abdi Iley, President of the region Somalia .

In this consultation meeting on the independence and wish the Somali region of Ethiopia tabby, almost all the wise men of Somali clans of Ethiopia were present and were able to witness the progress of the draft declaration Independence of the Tigray region. The president of the region Somali of Ethiopia that rolls under the orders of Mekele was also mentioned in his speech that he had the military strength to defend against the Oromo region and prefers independence from the return of power to Addis Ababa in the hands of an elite of the Amhara region.

Relatives of Somali state leadership in Ethiopia have repeatedly, in anonymity, informed the Somali media about an independence project in the Tigray region. These Jigjiga officials had added that the Tigre elites were pushing Abdi Iley, president of the Somali region, to follow them in their project of independence because with such a strong ally, the Tigre region has the chance to see his project And will not have to suffer too much pressure.

Articles 39 (3), 42 and 47 of the 1994 Ethiopian Constitution clearly stipulate that the right to secession is part of the right to self-determination of nations irrespective of their number, political or historical status. The only limitation of this right is that all regional or local bodies must fulfill their functions and exercise their rights within the framework of democratic principles, the rule of law and in conformity with the mandatory rules and spirit of The Ethiopian Constitution.

Hassan Cher


  1. Just so we know “independence” for Tigray region will never happen. It is a strategy to deflect Tplf’s atrocities. It is unfortunate that the rest of us repeat this lie without giving it much thought. Remember the way Eritrea went and later splintered into little clans. Tigray is only “one” so long as it sets itself against the rest of Ethiopia. Leave it to itself and you will discover three sects: one that has its lineage in Eritrea; Mekelle v. Adwa group; and one with ties to the Motherland. Moreover consider the fact that the region is not resource rich. Don’t be silly; so-called independence will not happen. Repeat that to those dreaming “independence” for Oromiya. In the case of Oromiya, the reality no one is talking about is that tens of millions relatively educated are products of intermarriages.

  2. Kill both TPLF and its messangers. TPLF members are descendants of banda families. Those who serve TPLF are new banda individuals who will give birth to another generation of banda’s.

    Any banda should be trimmed off unless and otherwise he/she renaunce its wrond doings and become real human being rather genuine Ethiopian.

    Remove any traitor (banda) because it is a germinating poison.

  3. Whatever the TPLF does now in its self-destructive impulse, not only this band of traitors, the entire Tigres will rue all their lives.

    I envisage a time when Tigres will be forced to conceal their Tigrean identity for the shame brought upon them by the descendants of traitors.

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