Ethiopia lifts diplomats’ travel restriction

Siraj Fegessa, Secretariat of the Command Post and Minister of Defense (photo: FBC) Addis
Siraj Fegessa, Secretariat of the Command Post and Minister of Defense (photo: FBC)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Command Postestablished to oversee the implementation of state of emergencyhas lifted the directive which restricts diplomats from travelling beyond a-40 kilometers radius out ofAddis Ababa without notification.

The restriction was lifted following the relative peace and security prevailed in the country, Siraj Fegessa,Secretariat of the Command Post and Minister of Defense, said in a press briefing today.

The Command Post has also lifted the directive which prohibits carrying and possessing at home uniforms of law enforcement bodies.

It has also revised on the directive which allows law enforcement bodies to conduct search without court warrant.

According to the revised decree, any law enforcement body is obliged to show his/her ID card and tell the reason for the investigation while undertaking the search, he said.

Moreover, the law enforcement organ is required to let people who are under investigation to follow the investigation process, including local police and residents as observers, he said.

The law enforcement organ has the responsibility to keep confidential the information it obtained before and after the search.

Ethiopia declared a six-month nationwide state of emergency early October following the unrest occurred in some areas.

The state of emergency was declared following a thorough discussion by the Council of Ministers on the loss of lives and property damages occurring in the country.

Source: Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC)


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