Ethiopia: Ruling party suspends 3 committee members

Oromia branch of ruling party suspends 3 senior committee members after unrests caused by death of renowned Oromo singer

Addis Getachew

A branch of Ethiopia’s ruling party on Monday suspended three high-profile officials from its central committee for alleged graft, failing to keep party secrets and absenteeism.

Defense Minister Lemma Megersa, Milkessa Midega and Teyba Hassen, the vice president of the Oromia Regional State, were suspended from their posts in the ethnic Oromia branch of the ruling Prosperity Party (PP), pending a final decision by the party’s executive committee.

Lemma was one of the leading figures who, together with the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, spearheaded an internal reform program of the now defunct four-party coalition known as the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front that ruled the country for 27 years before April 2018.

Recently, however, there had been growing rumors that he was sidelined from federal activities, a suspicion reinforced by his absence in a recent security meeting presided over by Abiy following protests that erupted after the killing of famous Oromo singer and songwriter Hatchalu Hundessa.

Lemma was suspended for acting outside party decisions and for his absenteeism, local broadcaster FANA quoted Fekadu Tessema, the PP Oromia Office head, as saying later on Sunday.

The party’s Oromia branch also concluded its appraisal meeting on Sunday and decided that Teyba Hassen would also be suspended from her central committee membership.

Teyba has also served as mayor of the southeastern Oromia city of Shashemene — one of the places that faced the brunt of the recent unrest. Milkessa Midega was also suspended from the committee membership.

The killing of Hatchalu Hundessa triggered a short-lived uprising staged by mostly young people in Oromia, Ethiopia’s most populous region, in which scores were killed and significant property damage incurred.

The demonstrations led to the arrests of the activist-turned politician Jawar Mohammed and journalist-turned politician Eskinder Nega — both notable political figures in the East African country.


  1. According to the Medemer freaks EPRDF got dissolved and became PP to bring all ethnicities under one national umbrella . At the same time generations students in Oromia’s schools are being thought ANOLE until today found in children’s history books , the Anole history was put in Oromia’s schools while student in other parts of Ethiopia do not get thought this Anole history .

    Abaye Abiy start teaching the Oromo generations the true history of Ethiopia . In Oromia’s middle school and junior high schools, the Oromo children in Oromia had been thought officially in schools that Emperor Menilik committed savage acts cut Oromo women’s breasts , with his nephtegna settlers cutting breasts of Oromo women known as the Anole for decades Oromia ended up drinking milk from dobkeys according to these Anole history, detailed in children’s history books as part of the Oromia region’s curriculum .

    If this Anole is thought in schools within Oromia only and not thought in other parts of Ethiopia , it shows it was done to divide Oromos from other Ethiopians, purposely done to exacerbate the ongoing genocide in Ethiopia which lasted for close to three decades.

    Reform the curriculum !
    Tear down the anole monuments in Oromia!
    Call the ongoing genocide “an ongoing genocide”!

    Serve Ethiopian generations right by reducing cost of living , Abaye Abiy take economic reforms with poor Ethiopians in mind , the economic reforms should not always only be dictated by lobbyists sent by billionaire business investors !

    Abaye Abiy mogne nehh telala

    EPRDF ayaschilewum serqo kalbela

    Tamwal telekfwal EPRDF/PP besirqot

    Tana endetelekefew beimboch Mela teftot

    Medemer freak honenal bil EPRDF

    Kalserequ tezegajitewal lamakuref

    Abaye Abiy Medemeru qertobachew beqitu konenachew

    Enquwan leserequt leasaredutim alqoreqorachew

    Minew Geda Construction Plc. tekaw METECin

    KeAbaye Abiy temesatero shomot liyasborebur GERDin

    Minew Takele Uma afenaqele Amaran ke Addis Ababa

    LeQuerro begef metaweqiya iyadele endiwer endiyadeba

  2. There is a drift coming out of these bigots here among us that they are feverishly working 24/7 to secure a ‘fellowship’ position for Lemma at some of their missionary canteens so he can join them in their struggle to what they call ‘destroy’ the ‘N’ people and their system. Then he can apply for political asylum on arrival with his Minnesota ‘lawyer’-turned-genocide-preacher at his side. There is also plausible speculation both with Oromia Region and the federal administration regarding who has been leaking sensitive documents to certain racist outfit with a nomenclature ‘Finfine’. This is just speculation worthy of investigation. Hey, what can I say? It is an extremely lucrative business. His earning will be 5-6 times even 10 times more than his salary both as top official in the Oromia region and defense minister. No more pressure cooker but get paid just for scavenging at missionary canteen and endlessly flopping your mouth about 150 yr old history. But I’m not still giving up on this honorable man. These bigots are just well below his station. I don’t think he will stand the stench from their scum. He is too dignified of a person and I hope things will be sorted out between him and the officials.

  3. Ethiopia Continues to Deny Genocide in the Oromia Region, But Pictures and Personal Testimonies Tell a Different Story


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