Ethiopia will never fall apart !!! – Eduardo Byrono

gadisaAfter I have carefully watched his invalid rant here on Facebook, I have come to agree with most of you that the least known Doctor Gudisa Muleta is trying to make some sort of fame or name for himself, out of the ongoing ordeal.
He doesn’t give a damn thing for all the sacrifices, which those youngsters ultimately paid, in the name of unity.

By the way, I would rather consider his speech as out of dated rant than a lecture. And those who were in the crowd clapping after the end of each shallow statement he delivered, were a bunch of shortsighted individuals. I am glad they are a few.
Doctor Gudisa is daydreaming to destroy Ethiopia and to build the new Oromo nation while sitting in Café and sipping coffee in Diaspora. What a foolish joke that is !!
Either he is a nonsense attention seeker or a corrupted hidden agent of TPLF, who is sent to manipulate the struggle and to divert it to some type of civil war.
Trust me, this collapsing regime will do everything in its power, to keep its head above the water.



  1. HI that narrow minded guy is a tplf agent and attention seeker
    a paid who sat at the corner all his life and waking up from his long years sleep and all of sudden he got employed by tplf as part time job.


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