Ethiopian author Genet Ayele creates Amharic Computer

Genet Ayele

Genet Ayele, a well known Ethiopian author made her way in creating Amharic alphabet keyboard, first in Ethiopia.

The author captured Ethiopian readers when she first published a book about the escapee Ethiopian former president Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam, meeting him in Harare, Zimbabwe where he lives in exile.

Now it is another remarkable work of her in coming up with such a first time creative work.

Amharic is a language that has 126 alphabets which is a bit difficult to use the regular English keyboard. Genet’s new keyboard makes everything easier since every letters are represented by one key on the computer keyboard.

The Ubuntu version tailored specifically for this laptop gives native access to Ge’ez characters as opposed to the application-based solutions.

keybord - satenaw



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