Ethiopian community in Joburg bid farewell to ‘leader’ Nebro

Gezahegn Nebro was shot dead in Johannesburg, last week.

(SABC News) — The Ethiopian community in South Africa is in mourning as they lay one of their members to rest on Saturday. This after Gezahegn Nebro was shot and killed in Johannesburg last week Saturday.

The former air borne with the Ethiopian army was well known in the community.

Hundreds of Ethiopian nationals living in Johannesburg took to the CBD streets to bid him farewell.

He was laid to rest at Westpark Cemetery.

His daughter Malate Nebro says her late father was a hero.

“My dad was very strong – he fought for his country. He never gave up, he loved democracy and fairness. I will stand true to his legacy and finish what he started.”

Mourners described him as a leader.

“He was not only a member of the Ethiopian society – he was a great leader and he has been known for fighting tribalism, religious persecutions as well as working with South African police services.”

An investigation is currently underway into his death.

Malate Nebro daughter of Gezahegn Nebro.


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