Ethiopian Defense Minister Opposes Premier’s Party Merger Plan

By  Samuel Gebre
November 29, 2019,

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is facing opposition from one of his closest allies in his proposal to merge the ruling coalition into a new party.

Defense Minister Lemma Megersa said he disagrees with the rushed merger of political parties, according to an interview with the Voice of America. Lemma is the deputy chairman of Abiy’s Oromo Democratic Party.

Lemma said he also opposes Abiy’s new philosophy to unite the country, called “Medemer,” directly translated as “to add.”

Lemma’s comments come ahead of general elections expected in 2020, raising more challenges to the success of a new unity party. The merger has the support of all coalition members, even though it faced opposition from Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which was a former leading member.

The ruling coalition has been in power for 30 years in Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister has vowed the general election would be democratic.


  1. This young man Obbo Lemma is being treated unfair by getting a bad rap for his entitled opinion. Wasn’t he the same patriot who most us applauded when he came out asserting that to be ‘an Ethiopian is like an addiction that can’t be shrugged off’’? He said that when Oromos like me and him were being told not to even use the term Ethiopian. We were being told to use ‘Abyssinian Empire’ instead. Then, then every conniver was seen joining him by indulging in that term of the boogeyman’s ‘Ethiopian’. All of a sudden they can’t get enough of it. For them those who used the term ‘Ethiopia’ were(are) not Oromos, cannot possibly be Oromos but must be other than Oromos or just Amharas. They used to tell me and others like me that Oromos were never glorious when living with others and they were as such when they were separate and alone. But when I investigated I realized that no ethnic group in that gem of the world was so glorious when living alone. Get this: Amhara were not glorious alone! Oromos were not along alone!!! Tigres were never glorious alone!!! They has never been one so glorious to be classified as a new human ‘golden’ race leaving others behind as rusting ferrous kind!!!! No human race or civilization was glorious by doing it all alone. Even Rome was not!!! Apparently the Greeks were not!!! The Persians were not!!! The Chinese were not so with just the Great Han alone!!!! Those who tried to preach us the ‘alone’ megalomania’ ended up strung upside down at the Piazzale Loreto and the other one shot himself in the head at some self constructed bunker!!!

    This coming out opposing the merger by Obbo Lemma shows he is an upright man of principle. Praise The Lord that gem of the colored has patriots like him!!!


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