“Ethiopian Government ” declared today that Opening FACEBOOK and Social media is a crime

"Ethiopia Government"(TPLF) looks like the sinking Ship.
“Ethiopia Government”(TPLF) looks like the sinking Ship.

“Ethiopian Government  ” declared today at 08:00 PM  that   Opening   FACEBOOK, Listening  Voice of America and German Radio, Watching  Aljazeera TV,  ESAT TV, OMN  and accessing and opening  Social media  is a crime in the country. As  broadcasted today , Militray command post  will  take action for those seeing and watching these media outlets.This is very shame for Obama administration  because  Obama had made statement to the “Ethiopian parliament”

I don’t bite my tongue too much when it comes to these issues. We are opposed to any group that is promoting the violent overthrow of a government, including the government of Ethiopia, that has been democratically elected. We are very mindful of Ethiopia’s history – the hardships that this country has gone through. It has been relatively recently in which the constitution that was formed and the elections put forward a democratically elected government. U.S. President Barack Obama, Press conference in Addis Ababa 27 July 2015“.

 This is an empty talk of Obama. How this leader is  leading America? Why they are helping this rogue regime in Ethiopia? Is there any change from America, German and UK  about the  definition of freedom and Democracy in Horn  of Africa? There is  a famous Ethiopian proverb,”
Don’t catch a leopard by the tail, but if you do, don’t let it go.” We  young generation will not cease our struggle until we get our freedom. Freedom!Freedom! Freedom!Freedom!Freedom!Freedom!Freedom!Freedom!Freedom!Freedom!


  1. Report on Ethiopia Pseudo Democracy by creating artificial opposition group.. .Needs UN and US intervention and public referendum to restore democracy in Ethiopia.

    I already wrote several articles with my past 5 yrs working experience in different places of Ethiopia as Economist.

    I literally found the barbaric governance by TPLF regime. I witnessed 2015 elections in Oromo region of Ethiopia, where there were no gathering of voters around polling centers because of fear of firings. It was a drama organised by TPLF regime to mislead the entire international community.

    I heard the public that it was the same case during the previous elections also during the past decade.

    Actually the tactical creation of artificial opposition was done by the then PM Melasse, who is mastermind for the present barbaric TPLF governance and pseudo democracy.

    The UN, under the blind influence of US governance on foreign policies since 10 years, especially in African foreign policy, believed this pseudo democracy drama of TPLF regime in Ethiopia.

    The US, EU, UN never reviewed the actual political and public freedom and public welfare scenario, but blindly supported by giving billions of hard earned money of international community to TPLF regime. Is it the right way being practiced by the UN, EU and US, by simply giving funds without looking into the performance and utilisation of funds given to any country.

    Another issue is that without fInding facts, how the international community blindly believed the economic growth by simply seeing cooked-up data by TPLF regime. I really feel sad on the international Economist behind this drama on believing Economic growth in Ethiopia. Without reflecting the economic growth in the public welfare, how can international community say that there is sustainable economic growth in Ethiopia. Foreign investors also blindly invested by believing the false reports, without assessing the actual scenario.

    Finally I feel that not only TPLF regime, but also the UN, EU, US and other international community must accept the responsibility for the present unrest in Ethiopia, public protests, mass killings , damage happened to foreign investors, death of scientist Sharon Gray and several thousands of innocent people, present poverty of the 80percent people who are suffering for piece of bread.

    Time has come for the international community to interfere immediately in the brutal governance of TPLF regime, to call for immediate public referendum with international observers inorder to protect the public life, human rights and democracy in Ethiopia.

    Unless and otherwise US must take the responsibility as a major stakeholder for present word situation on han rights and to restore the democracy in Ethiopia as well as to save further massacre by TPLF, the name of US will b year marked for critics against human rights in the world.

    I welcome the international media and readers to share with my experiences.

    Prof PC Reddy
    Bangalore – India
    Mob- 91+8790471108
    Email nggs.bnglr2016@gmail.com

  2. First of all, correct your title. Opening social media was not criminalized in the country. Even if it was, social media was the main reason that played a big roll for so many of factors to be set on fire in Oromia region supported by Egypt and commanded by Jawar Mohammed. Therefore, Ethiopian government has more than enough reason why the Ethiopian government had to declare implementation of the State of Emergency Decree. You are good in exaggerating situations and writing baseless articles about Ethiopia all the time. Chicken heads. Broaden your way of understanding.

  3. I was in India several times. Poor, Poor , Poor! You must have tried to do your usual illegal business in Ethiopia and might have denied an access to do your usual tricks to get rich. Ethiopia is not Kenya where Indians do lots of mischief including holding three passports. You are artificial not Ethiopian government. You came from shanty towns. Aren’t you?

  4. You meant ‘role’ by stating ‘roll’? Your guts to come out on the public sphere being a Woyane is really absurd. People are tired of this Tigrean anthem that never stops blaming Egypt and others for the crisis they themselves created. The ruthless and blood-thirsty regime has blamed everything on earth and has now gone so low in declaring a state of emergency that it cannot implement itself. All the oppressive laws have been in place as the government has never stopped harassing, killing and exterminating all those that differed from them. Our Indian brother was only expressing how TPLF stole all the elections, controlled the government and brought about its own downfall. He wasn’t saying India is richer than Ethiopia and he should not have been a victim of uncivilised insult on this forum. It is only on Tigrean forums that other opinions are brushed off as “terrorists” and others. The public sphere in a place where differing views are freely expressed without Tigrean-style intimidation and empty insults. In any case, the Tigrean regime is dying every minute and that can easily be observed in the silly laws it is passing on its own citizens. BTW their home base Tigrai is not included pointing toward the inevitability of a civil war. The next round of civil war is not among different Ethiopina political fronts or nations and nationalities but it will become a merciless and bitter fight to dislodge Tigreans from everything they forcefully owned for the last 25 years. That is the direction. The time will come and it will be very difficult for Tigreans to evade or snake through the pains of war as their distinct appearance would deny them. Alas! The doomsday is round the corner.

  5. For what end? This will never help to stop the public anger against them. The only solution is answer the outstanding questions or face your end by the full force of the people.

    If anything this puts the rotten egg on their face which they will have to bear the burden of explaining to the diplomatic world where ever they go on top of about every other thing as people gradually finish them when the opportune time presents itself.

    This is a dead beast trying to indulge in its last desperate kick

  6. It is commendable that Prof PC Reddy has left his contact. The Ethiopian opposition media have to be in touch and invite him on ethsat and other as well as requesting him to be interviewed on major media like AlJezeera.


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