The Ethiopian government has launched a lobbying campaign to oppose Senate Resolution 168

Sponsored legislation by Christopher H. Smith, the Representative from New Jersey

The Ethiopian government has launched a lobbying campaign to persuade Ethiopian-Americans to oppose Senate Resolution 168. Enactment of SR 168 would do no more than put the U.S. government on record as supporting human rights and democracy in Ethiopia.

As part of its lobbying effort, the Ethiopian government is paying for form letters to be sent to Ethiopian-Americans. They are trying to persuade Ethiopian-Americans to sign the letters which contain lies about SR 168 and the Ethiopian opposition movement.

The form letter falsely claims that the Ethiopian government allows peaceful protests. In fact, the U.S. State Department, the authors of SR 168 and a similar House resolution, Amnesty International and other organizations have documented the Ethiopian government’s jailing of political opponents, violent suppression of protests, and violations of basic human rights.

The Ethiopian government claims in the letter that it is battling against a “well organized and well funded” Ethiopian opposition. In fact, the Ethiopian opposition consists entirely of volunteers who care deeply about Ethiopia. It is the Ethiopian government, not the opposition that is mounting a “well funded” campaign using professional lobbyists.

According to public records, the Ethiopian government is paying S.G.R. LLC, a scandal-tainted lobbying firm, $150,000 a month to influence American policy. S.G.R. worked for disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. After President Trump fired Flynn, Flynn revealed that he had failed to report his lobbying for Turkish President Erdogan. As part of his secret work to help Erdogan crush democratic opposition and gain dictatorial power, Flynn paid S.G.R. hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now S.G.R. is pressuring Senators to withdraw their support for SR 168.

The Ethiopian-American community should make sure its voice is heard. Call and write to co-sponsors of SR 168, to members of the Senate Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committee urging them to support enactment of SR 168.

To express your support for SR 168, visit to find your Senator’s contact information. Also, go to and click on the names of co-sponsors.

Mesfin Mekonen


  1. Why the hell we pursue for inclusive government? Obviously, woyane cannot allow that, even if foreign observers enter the country to witness fair and balanced election process, or even if woyane allow others to work with them. 26 years of lies, orchestration of drama, and sheared, if one cannot learn the woyanes behavior by now, not sure what I can call Ethiopians except bunch of idiots who have unlimited patience, and that lead to a question whether we have normal human brain. We should know better than that.
    I will not shoot for inclusiveness but shoot for justice and rule of law that every woyane member to stand for trial of their crimes.


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