Ethiopian Police arrested journalist Elias Gebru Godana last Saturday

Ethiopia arrested journalist Elias Gebru Godana last Saturday. It is reported that police arrested him in relation to the Bahir Dar incident and filed his case under the Anti-terrorism Proclamation


  1. National movement of Amara ( NAMA) was suspected of trying to start fight between the two brotherly Amara and Oromo people when NAMA held a public rally in Debre Berhan.

    The arrest of the NAMA , BALADERA , JOURNALISTS , ADDIS ABABA ACTIVISTS , other armed vigilantes , FANO , AALF was planned to take place before the “Coup” drama was played out. Many are saying the “COUP” drama was part of the scandalous plan to mass criminalize Ethiopians who are not jihadists currently , those being arrested are those considered as a threat to the planed implementation of the Sheriya law with Oromo hegemony.


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