Ethiopian Soldiers Take Kenyan Police Station Hostage

Security forces have been cautioned after fifty armed Ethiopian soldiers took hostage a police station in Ileret, North Horr County in Marsabit.

This comes a week after surveyors completed work on demarcating the boundaries between Kenya and Ethiopia.

It is alleged that the soldiers were equipped with AK47 rifles and used ten cars to surround and take-over the area.

Reportedly, the armed men inspected the area and took pictures of it including a lake which is sixteen kilometers from the border.

However, the soldiers have denied the fact that the Government of Kenya did not have any intelligence on their presence in the area and vowed to come back.

According to OCPD North Horr County Tom Odero, the militia’s arrival was due to the division of land in setting up the boundaries.

Odero stated that he is clueless of their intentions and has urged the government to beef up security in the area.

On the region’s commissioner part, Peter Thuku, the place has been safeguarded and they are not expecting any Ethiopian nationals to enter the country without proper regulations.

Currently, Ileret police station in North Horr constituency has nine police officers only.

This is the third time this year that Ethiopian soldiers have crossed over the border to Kenya.

Daisy Ngetich

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