Ethiopians must watch out When Willfully Ignorant Pseudo Intellectual flip on make-believe Media

By Teshome Debalke
February 15, 2020

Nothing explains better the problem of Ethiopia than make-believe Medias masquerading as Free press and presenting willfully ignorant intellectuals as innocent bystanders to pull PR stunts on the people of Ethiopia.

Unfortunately, it is the norm since the Woyane regime came in the picture and set up its ethnic propaganda machine and network of make-believe private, party, federal and regional governments Medias in a name of Development Presse and a make-believe journalist union that came with it.

Ever since, the meaning of the Press and the role journalists play in society was lost in the ethnic apartheid political jungle Woyane reigned in for 27-years.

Unfortunately, the similarity of the propaganda machine of Fascist regime of Italy of the mid-1930s led by Mussolini and applied in the eight ethnic regions of Ethiopia and the Communist China regime’s propaganda machine that endured up today applied in the Tigray Region yet to explore by the Free Press and historians alike.

In a recent interview by unidentified Andafta reporter with Dr Constantinos Berhuetesfa, the infamous TPLF pseudo intellectual hack turn  international organizations’ consultant and lecturer at Addis Ababa University in Public Policy with  fake PhD from the defunct  Century University (renamed America Century University) out of a one-room office in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA run by Iranian American illustrates, the Woyane Media strategy to control the narrative by infesting its cadres in every private, nongovernmental and governmental institution imaginable is real.

Constantinos claiming “IMF and World Bank support won’t get us anywhere” on a make-believe Medias masquerading as Free Press is no accident but to assault the PM Abiy reform as his comrade are doing in every front. A careful analysis of the interview shows, the reporter is a hired hand asking a predetermined question for Constantinos to answer TPLF central committee approved answers. For that reason, either the reporter nor the ‘expert’ — Constantinos failed to mention TPLF once nor its massive corruption in the entire interview that brought about the need of IMF and World Bank support.

In a January 12 article titled Development 101 for Willfully Ignorant Economists, Politicians, Journalists, investors… of Ethiopia we identified the problem Ethiopians are facing is nonother than willfully ignorant elites mixing facts-and-fictions to confuse and bamboozle Ethiopians to accept the status qua.

Naturally, the worst offenders are willfully ignorant journalists of make-believe Medias that supposed to find out the truth about individuals and the subject matter they present as legitimate to convince the public they and their guest have anything worth believable asking soft question. Therefore, the obvious unprofessional conduct of journalists in make-believe Medias brough the nation ungovernable by the design of Woyane.

Andafta, like many make-believe Media happened to be a continuation of making fairytale the truth and vis versa presenting a TPLF political hack in Addis Ababa University with falsified credential to lecture Ethiopians. By doing so, the unidentified Adfata interviewer not only failed to do basics journalism but violated the public right to know the truth behind a TPLF hack – rendering itself a useless Media.

After 27-years of make-believe Media with pseudo journalists  led by TPLF hacks at Walta, Fana, Aiga, EthiopiaFirst and the rest that contaminated the airwaves and cyberspace with empty propaganda, the Media landscape of Ethiopia remained the same, nor, the willfully ignorant journalist responsible for pushing propaganda yet to be accountable by the reform. It seems, it is Deja vu all over again in a middle of reform.

Our wise people say enate enkulal senkulal betiktane nroo… For instance, why didn’t the unidentified Andafta interviewer reviled; the pseudo intellectual TPLF operative he referred as Doctor… masquerading as Professor of Public Policy is verifiably carry fraudulent credential to be allowed to lecture in Addis Ababa University let alone to lecture Ethiopians about economic reform.   The fact the interviewer nor the interviewee failed to mention the former ruling member party TPLF that caused the political, social and economic havoc the new PM Abiy inherited speaks volumes; reform starts from willfully ignorant journalists forcing the elites masquerading as professionals  in one thing or another to tell the truth about themselves like any self-respecting journalists and professionals  in democratic nation would do.

Professor Constantinos Berhuetesfa self-promoting doubletalk at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) says more about the Institute that invited him than the pseudo professor. Had the ICD leaders did due diligence like they do in their own nation where they are accountable, they would find out the “Professor” Is a fraud.  But, for Institute for Cultural Diplomacy like may western institutions, Africa is a no-mans’ land where any political hack with a fake or real credential can be elevated as expert.

Therefore, real reform that would change the lives and the rights of the people of Ethiopia must start from sorting out the elites that perpetuate fairytales on behalf enablers and others that tell the truth but nothing but the truth.

Unfortunately, Media establishments that are responsible sorting out the fairytale from the truth in the public interest are not popular among the willfully ignorant elites with a different agenda. Therefore, nothing substantial will change until the Free Press police their make-believe counterparts masquerading as Free Press in the cart before the horse’ reform under new Prime Minster.

Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed reform can’t be underestimated for awaking Ethiopians to know who-is-who in and out of his old ethnic apartheid EPRDF party and the new national Prosperity Party and the Media establishments that propagate the respective parties’ agenda.

The rogue TPLF party with networks of propaganda operatives out of its hideout in Mekele and in-and-out of eight ethnic regions of the country and the world masquerading as Press are talking on both side of their mouth. In one hand, they are playing ethnic apartheid fairytale that benefit them politically and, in other they pretend unity that benefits them economically.

By the way, double talk to make fairytale a reality was not invited by Woyane but the old European colonial regimes and communist regimes it emulates at the same time. If one pays close attention, Woyane is emulates the communist regimes’ fairytale into reality in the occupied Region of Tigray and the old European colonial regimes’ apartheid reality into fairytale in the rest of Ethiopia. That is what is referred as two birds in one stone.

The communist surveillance state of Tigray is sealed closed from outside information in order to subjugate Ethiopians in the region to use them as pawns and the colonial apartheid regions are subjected to ethnic propaganda to divide and destabilize the rest of Ethiopians for exploitation.

Constantinos Berhuetesfa and the unidentified willfully ignorant journalist interviewing him are prime example of conspiring to use the apartheid state divide and surveillance communist state at the same time to preserve the status qua.

Therefore, the Free Press is more needed now than ever. The reformist PM that vow truth and knowledge to free and prosperous Ethiopia either doesn’t understand it can not be done without Free Press or Free Press is only good if it serves his political agenda. Either way, the truth is buried by the old and new political hacks and it is not serving his reform.

With all the setbacks it endured in the last few years because of political hacks masquerading as Free Press advocates and journalist, ESAT remained the one-and-only hope against all hope to make willfully ignorant elites to tell the truth and account for their behaviors. It would be wise for Ethiopians to support ESAT than jump ship with excitement of empty promises of willfully ignorant economist, politicians, journalists, investors…, after all, no people are free until the Free Press is free.

That much is true for Ethiopians no matter who comes and go in the name of one thing or another. Somebody must end the fairytale of political hacks through make-believe Medias Ethiopians endure for centuries.


  1. Our people have an old saying that the person who grew up without correction will find his mouth slipping instead of his foot. Were they speaking of the likes of the namby-pamby Teshome Debalke (fake name) hahaha. But beyond humor we are indeed facing big problems with make-believe characters such this one and the kidnappers of little girls (still unidentified individuals). Back in the day they used to call such people yellowbely, which basically means a coward who runs and hides away. Wha’s more willfully ignorant and pseudo intellectualism than this backward flip on the growing free Media in Ethiopia? God protect free press as well as the brilliant and brave Ethiopian journalists. The good news is that “one who tries to hide with a dog will not remain hidden.” In our culture people historically have low opinion of such behavior, but does the internet change that? NO. As they says the fool is thirsty in the midst of a downpour. A single stick may smoke, but it will not burn. Don’t blame God for creating the tiger — instead, thank him for not giving it wings.

  2. Poor guy apparently never heard of the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi: seek to understand rather than be understood. The first is free media 101 and the second is I am in lala land.

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