Ethnic clash in western Ethiopia leaves 17 dead

At least 17 people have been killed in ethnic clash in Ethiopia’s Benishangul Gumuz regional state, located in the western part of the country, state media outlet Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) reported on Monday.

The ethnic violence which occurred at the weekend involved members of the local Gumuz ethnic group and Amhara ethnic group, reported AMMA.

AMMA further reported 11 of the dead were ethnic Amharas while the rest were ethnic Gumuz, with both sides using blunt weapons and modern firearms during the clashes.

Regional and federal security units are currently been deployed in the affected areas to prevent a recurrence of the violence.

Benishangul Gumuz regional state, located in western Ethiopia along the border with Sudan, hosts Ethiopia’s largest development project, the 6450 MW Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Hydro Dam, which is under construction on the Blue Nile River.


  1. This a direct result of ethnic federalism arrangement, ethnic politics and unscrupulous development. And we will have these conflicts as long the current ethnic land allocation is in place, the population grows and economic uncertainty is over the poor. I have seen disheartening pictures of child’s being killed in these conflicts. How long we have to wait to realize we are going in the wrong path. Why the Gumuz people have to be scapegoated in conflict that did developed from personal dispute que. they have a bigger problem of cultural survival. Them and other minorities are the first to suffer the current arrangement and the centralized development strategy. No ethnic group or culture would never celebrate the death of children.

  2. News are out of yet another brutal retaliation against yet another inocent Gumuz. Few days ago inocente Amhara children were killed and now innocent Gumuz are killed just in vain. Neither the masterminds nor the executors were in any way brought in to justice. So what is the point of Ethnic political arrangements then? Just to do whatever capital crime against other in the name of ethnic lines. The real underlying problems are stated in below link

    Why people try not to look beyond ethnic lines. The states what is going on beneath the ethnic conflicts were money and land ownership is at play.


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