Fed. court orders investigation into police beating of Eskinder Nega, grants police 13 more days

Mahlet Fasil @MahletFasil

Addis Abeba, July 17/2020– Judges at the Federal High Court Lideta Branch have ordered federal police to conduct an inquiry into the beating of Eskinder Nega, Founder and Leader of the opposition party Balderas for Genuine Democracy, by members of the federal police.

Eskindir was arrested on July 01 by heavily armed police officers from his office. Sintayehu Chekol, his deputy, was also detained the next day from the capital Addis Abeba.

Update: Police brought @eskinder_nega and Sintayehu Checkol, another senior member of the party, today to the Fed. 1st Instance Court, Arada Branch. The judges have granted the police 14 days to remand & investigate Eskinder & 12 days to remand & investigate Sintayehu.

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— Addis Standard (@addisstandard) July 2, 2020

The police have already brought Eskinder and Sintayehu to the Federal First Instant Court First Arada Branch on July 02 and were granted 14 days to remand and investigate both.

However, due to security concerns, yesterday’s pretrial hearing was transferred to the Federal High Court Lideta Branch, his defense lawyer Henok Aklilu told Addis Standard.

During the hearing, Eskinder and his defense lawyer told the judges that Eskinder was physically assaulted by members of the police on the day he was detained. Eskinder told the court that he will press charges against the members of the police who were involved in his beating. Subsequently the judges have ordered the federal police to investigate the claim and submit the results to the court.

The police accuse Eskinder and Sintayehu of coordinating violence in Addis Abeba in the aftermath of the assassination of prominent Oromo artist Hacaaluu Hundeessaa, including paying money to and dispatching several groups of young people in the city, which resulted in the death of ten people, including two police officers, who were killed either by rocks, or shot at, or due to bomb blasts. The police also accuse the two of causing the injuries of 57 police officers and damages to properties worth 54 million birr in the two days that followed the assassination of Hacaaluu.

Eskinder and his defense team deny all the allegations. Henok also objected police’s request for additional days on the grounds that the police have already told the court they were in possession of said evidences.

However the judges have granted the police 13 more days to remand and investigate Eskinder and Sintayehu and adjourned the next hearing on July 29.



  1. Abiy Ahmed was so involved in international relations he didn’t want to be bothered with Oromos especial advantage issue everyday so Abiy Ahmed gave Takele Uma a blank check to disperse to Oromos but Takele Uma failed to accommodate Oromos fully because Eskinder kept disrupting Takele Uma’s dispersing efforts repeatedly.

    Disrupting the government is punishable by law , Abiy Ahmed and Takele Uma showed mercy and let Eskinder go with warnings for close to two years, now it is time to be firm on Eskinder because Eskinder even went on to distribute weapons of destructions to Addis Ababa youth.

    Evidences against Eskinder lead to charges which are beyond Abiy or Takele to show mercy to Eskinder anymore.

    Per the government’s news ETV or EBC:
    The Criminal charges against Eskinder are

    Charge 1. He was trying to divide people with ethnicity and religion in Addis Ababa

    Charge 2. False terrorizing news Eskinder distributed brought the current chaos , the current violence and the current turmoil.

    Charge 3. Eskinder distributed mass weapons
    of destruction to the Addis Ababa youth.

    Charge 4.Eskinder is responsible for the death of fourteen people in Addis Ababa during the recent attacks.

    Charge 5. Eskinder is responsible for the destruction of properties amounting to fifty five million birrs.

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